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Paw Pad Safety Inspection Time!
Did you know that surface temperatures can be 40 - 60 degrees hotter than air temperature? How can you keep your dog's paws moisturized during the hot temperatures? 
A Reflection On How Very Precious Our 4-Leggers Are To Us

A short story of reflection on how precious our dogs are to us and a thank you for supporting 4-Legger's Mission to bring certified organic dog grooming products to an industry that lacks regulations for ingredient purity and marketing standards. 

Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer by Reducing Their Exposure to Environmental Toxins
A simple way to reduce your dog's exposure to environmental toxins and decreasing their risk of cancer is by using 4-Legger's all natural USDA certified organic dog shampoo. We developed 4-Legger after losing a dog to cancer and realizing that...
10 Simple Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer
Statistics show that if you don't take steps to lower you dog's risk, they will be one of over 50% of dogs that die each year from cancer. Want some good news? Approximately 95% of dog cancers are attributed to...
Are You Ready for the Fireworks?
If you have a dog that is afraid of fireworks, you'll do anything to ease their anxiety. We've compiled tips to add some calm to the season!
Organic Dog Shampoo Featured Ingredient: Lemongrass
Lemongrass is a natural deodorizing agent so it can take away some of those "you rolled in what?" moments. Learn more about lemongrass in our feature on this rejuvenating ingredient! 
Is a dog dressed as a bumble bee a dog or a bumble bee?

How do you answer that question? 

We think a dog dressed as a bumble bee is still a dog wearing a cute disguise. It is still however a dog. 

The same question could be asked of DMDM Hydantoin. Is it still formaldehyde? Find out in the ingredient deep dive blog! 

Is Phenoxyethanol Safe For Your Dog?

Phenoxyethanol is used primarily as a preservative and sometimes as a disinfectant in dog grooming products.

While it is an organic compound, that doesn't mean that it is certified organic. Let's dive in and see what this means in terms of safety for your dog! 

Meet the Methyl Sisters: Dog Shampoo Preservatives in So Called All Natural Shampoo

Ok. The Methyl sisters aren't dogs but these dogs do kinda look like sisters and they were way cuter than chemical structures! 

The methyl sisters are two preservatives you find in many so called "natural" dog shampoos. Discover the true origin of these preservatives in Meet the Methyl Sisters! 

Do You Remember When Dogs Moved Indoors?

We need your help. We're trying to pinpoint when dogs made the transition from outdoor to indoor dog? 

Do you remember having a "family dog" that lived outdoors? They only got to came inside at night or in bad weather? Did you dog sleep in the garage or in a dog house?

Do you think this transition had a direct correlation between their health and their lifestyle? We do and we'll tell you why. 

The Case of the Itchy Dog: A Dog Parent Mystery

Unlock the mystery of your itchy dog's discomfort!

Explore how food quality, allergies, and grooming products can contribute to their misery. Discover the shocking truth about common dog shampoos and their hidden dangers. Protect your furry friend and the environment. Shop all natural dog shampoo for itchy skin today!

Our Top 10 Spring Time Safety Tips for Your 4-Legger

Happy Earth Day 2016! We've compiled some tips for spring time safety and how as dog owners we can be good stewards of our planet!

Check them out in the blog!


4-Legger Oatmeal, Lavender, and Aloe Certified Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Our organic oatmeal dog shampoo is made without synthetic chemicals and is now ready for purchase!

Learn about our thought process in developing this formulation, which dogs it was developed for, and the benefits of oatmeal and lavender!  

Is Your Dog Shampoo Really Hypoallergenic?
Your dog has allergies and you want a mild dog shampoo for sensitive skin. You search for shampoo that says, "hypoallergenic and perfect for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies". How do  you know it really is hypoallergenic?
Happy Easter from 4-Legger!
Easter means different things to people and how ever you choose to celebrate this Easter holiday, we hope you'll be sure and consider the safety of your pets during your celebration activities.
7 Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer

The fact is, there is a very strong probability that your dog will die from cancer if you don't work to lower their risk. Only 5% of dog cancers are genetic; the remaining 95% are environmental and lifestyle.

Read our seven steps to help lower your dog's risk of cancer.

Why You Shouldn't Use Dish Detergent on Your Dog

We have seen this question time and time again: "Can I use dish detergent to wash my dog?"  

Many ask this question after seeing commercials where dish detergent has been used to effectively clean wildlife after oil spills.

Here is our opinion...

What is Benzyl Benzoate?

Someone recently searched the 4-Legger website for "benzyl benzoate" and there zero search results. We decided to fix that! 

What is benzyl benzoate, when might it be used, and is it safe? We have the answers!

The Story Behind 4-Legger

What inspires someone to one day decide they are going to start making a certified organic dog shampoo?

For Melissa, it was a personal journey that started when she lost her dog to cancer on the same day that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

We've captured the story in this short video. If you've ever lost a pet to cancer or other health conditions, this video is for you. If you have a pet now that you would do anything for, this video is for you. 

Washing Your Dog with Oil Wood Soap?
We got a question from Otis and his Dad. His veterinarian said that you could wash your dog with wood oil soap. He wanted to know if that was safe. Want to fetch the answer?
2 Reasons Why You Want Sulfate Free Dog Shampoo

In this short article, we give you just 2 reasons why you do not want sulfates in your dog's shampoo and a quick guide on what to look for on the label so you choose a healthy shampoo. 

Remember - a certified organic dog shampoo like 4-Legger is always safe and just as effective as the toxic alternatives.