USDA Certified Organic Healing Balm for Dog Nose and Paw Pads

Just like your hands and lips can get chapped, so can your dog's nose, paw pads and elbows. If left untreated, these painful areas may become infected. Paw pads are especially susceptible to being damaged by the ice, snow, hot and cold surfaces, sand, salt, and dry air.

Our USDA Certified Organic healing paw balm safely and quickly soothes and heals rough, irritated, itchy, chapped, crusty, cracked and dry skin.

In just a few days you will see a noticeable difference!

Once restored, use our balm daily as a moisturizer to maintain your dog’s healthy skin!

  • Unscented and hypoallergenic for your dog's sensitive snout, our healing paw balm provides year round fast and effective protection
  • While many paw wax salves contain petrochemicals, olive oil, or coconut oil that can clog skin pores, ours is made with all natural organic carnauba wax to protect your dog's dry skin from environmental assaults while retaining moisture (it’s a natural humectant) and allowing the pores to breathe
  • Combined with powerful healing herbs (Organic Calendula and Organic St. John’s Wort) and nature's best moisturizers (Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E), our healing salve safely moisturize and repair your dog's skin, hot spots and hyperkeratosis.
  • You can also use our healing balm for scar reduction, hyperkeratosis, wound healing, and bug bites and any other skin irritation 
  • Need sunscreen for your dog's nose? Our balm has an SPF of 15!


organic hemp dog shampoo for dry skin

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Moisturizes without clogging the skin pores, it helps keep skin moisturized, nourished, and soothed.

organic dog shampoo for dry dry skin with shea butter

Organic Shea Butter

Provides moisture to the skin and works to revitalize and heal damaged skin.

castile soap dog shampoo for dry skin

Organic Calendula

Helps to repair dry, itchy, and damaged skin, reduce skin irritation and reduce inflammation.

best dog shampoo for dry skin organic hypoallergenic

Organic St. John's Wort

Helps to quickly repair dry and damaged skin and reduces red skin irritation.

What's In The Bottle?

Instructions & FAQ

Use your finger to dip into the balm and then apply directly to your dog's nose pad, paw pads or any other skin area that is irritated. The healing balm will quickly be absorbed.

The more frequently you are able to apply the balm, the better.

We recommend applying daily when the nose and paw pads are healthy and at least 2-3 times a day when needed for healing. Applying it at bed time is optimal to boost healing and regeneration!

Yes. The ingredients are safe and non-toxic and since the balm is quickly absorbed, the healing properties will work even if it is licked off.

We have found two things that can help if your dog loves to lick off the balm:

1. Apply the balm and then distract them with a treat, their favorite toy, or a game.

2. The stealth approach - apply it when they are exhausted after a walk or when soundly sleeping!

best organic healing balm for dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Kathryn D.

Purchased the Organic Healing Balm for one of my Boxer's nose. It had become dried out and somewhat bubbly looking since the weather turned very cold. She only is outside for potty time but cold weather really takes a toll on her nose. This has worked wonderfully since day one and she does not seem to mine it at all. It instantly nourished her nose skin and provided relief. Her nose looks better as every day goes by. I also take small amount and rub it on my grandpa Pug's paws for protection. I apply a small amount on my other Boxer's nose just because he gets jealous of the two getting something and as a preventative! You cannot go wrong using this as a preventative or to provide healing when a problem is present.

Bruce C.
Safely keeps the paws in good shape

Rufus is a 17 pound 12 year old schnauzer/terrier mix that loves being outside all year. He refuses to wear boots, so when winter hits we use a wax to protect his paws from salt and follow up with ten 4-Legger balm after a walk. Works wonderfully and given he licks anything we put on him it's nice this product is safe. Another great 4-Legger product.

Christina G.
Murphy loves his balm!

We fostered and adopted our dog after he was found as a stray. His paws were in rough shape from being out on his own with no car. This balm helped to heal him up! Murphy runs hard to play fetch and chase squirrels in our back yard so we continue to use the balm as protection. He loves when we apply it and thinks it tastes great! It is nice to not worry about chemicals being in the product.

So happy I bought this for my pup! Don't even question it - but it!

My sweetie's paws are so incredibly soft since the minute I put his salve on him. Must buy!

Ruth M.
Seems to be really doing the job!

I purchased the Healing Balm for 6 year old Golden Retriever. His nose has been so dry and "ashy"....and his front paw pads have been very dry and cracked. I noticed a difference in his nose from the first time I applied the balm. I am also very pleased with the changes I have seen in his pads. They are becoming so much softer and the cracks are gradually healing. I am so impressed with this product , I have tried other things but this is by far and away the most beneficial I have had.