Accessories To Complement Our All Natural Dog Shampoo

      If you're new to organic shampoo, you will notice some important differences right away! Organic shampoo has a much thinner consistency because it does not contain synthetic thickeners. This makes it pour very quickly from the bottle. It's also concentrated which means you don't need as much to give your dog a bath! Both of these characteristics can catch you off guard. You'll get used to it in no time and be happy you've reduced your dog's exposure to toxic chemicals by using our safe and non-toxic certified organic shampoo!

      To make the adjustment easier for you, 4-Legger offers Foamer Bottles which have a special pump that infuses air into the liquid shampoo as it is pumped from the bottle. The result is a luxurious foam which closely resembles shaving cream! You will love the experience and find the transition to organic shampoo is a bit easier. These foamer bottles not only make the shampoo easier to apply and distribute but also enhance the overall bathing experience for both you and your beloved pet.