4-Legger Clean Ingredients Organic Dog Shampoo
We Started A Clean Ingredients Revolution

Canine Cancer Forever
Changed Our Lives

Because Natural Is Better & EVERY Ingredient Matters!

Learn about 4-Legger's Clean All Natural Ingredients

Clean Ingredients! Clean Dogs!®

As pet parents who have lost a dog to cancer, we've dedicated our lives to changing the pet grooming industry to make it safer and healthier.

Since 2015, 4-Legger has been the trusted source for pet parents who care about ingredients and the #1 best selling organic dog shampoo recommended by holistic veterinarians.

What Does Clean Mean?

Clean means everything, from the soil our plants are grown in to the bottles they are packaged in, are focused on the health and safety of our furry family and our planet.

What Does Clean Mean to Us?

Here are some of the ways we keep our shampoo clean: 

  • Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested to be planet friendly, human friendly, and pet friendly
  • Our products are Certified to Organic Standards Through the National Organic Program
  • We pay a living wage to our employees
  • 4-Legger is Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny
  • 4-Legger is a Certified Green Business
  • Solar powered manufacturing
  • We use recyclable bottles
  • We Give Back

    We know that better ingredients are worth higher prices because quality is everything and EVERY ingredient matters!