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Product worth every penny.

The oils work great, like the bamboo diffuser, love the safety feature that it kicks off when water is gone, recommend this not only for pets but also yourself.

It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

As a professional Pet groomer, I see a variety of skin issues which requires a lot of trial and error to find the right product for each individual skin issues. Sometimes the best shampoo for a pet’s skin weighs the hair down or leaves a “medicine” smell. As we help our clients make the shift to all natural/organic pet products, we are able to pair this conditioning rinse with the 4-Legger shampoo to really help the coat during the transitional phase of using organic shampoos. I have used it on everything from a Standard Poodle to a Great Pyrenees and the results are amazing every time! This also works as an amazing shedding/undercoat remover and when paired with the 4-Legger lemongrass shampoo, you can do some serious de-skunking! It smells great, don’t let the vinegar scare you off, it rinses easily and doesn’t leave a vinegar smell AT ALL. I could go on and on, but you should just try it, you will LOVE it!!

Muddy Paws

With a true mud loving digger, my little one often needs a bath. The shampoo leaves his fur clean, soft and shiny. In fact I'm now using it daily on my own hair!

Disappointed with this shampoo

I have used 3-legger on my 3 shih-tzu's for about a year and a half now. I normally use the oatmeal shampoo but decided to try the peppermint shampoo because one of my pups has skin issues. But I was very disappointed to find that after only having the shampoo for 6 months or so it has gotten extremely thick, discolored and has a strange odor. I was told by 4-legger that this was normal and to just add water, but the discoloration and the smell makes me nervous. Had to pour it down the drain.

Wonderful stuff!

Smells heavenly, I gave my 8yr old English field setter rescue her first bath from the shelter.
This shampoo took away the nasty kennel smell and left her fur soft, fluffy and bright white. Thank you!

Healing balm

This is the best balm I ever used on my dog he stopped chewing his paws so much and his nose is healed

Really surprise at the lather.

I love this shampoo. When I saw how thin it was I did not expect it to lather well, boy was I surprised. Did not need to use nearly as much as I thought I would to bathe my 2 girls. I was also happy with how easy it is to rinse out and left them nice a clean.

Love it!

Smells wonderful, a little goes a long way, rinses very easily.


My baby (aka) my service dog is a Belgium malinios. We are always on the move and his feet are dry. So I try this stuff. On me first and this balm great for bugs bite, itchy skin and my baby paws were so soft I'm glad I found it! Thank you for your wonderful balm!

lemongrass shampoo

The first shampoo that has not made my Yellow lab Buttercup itch after using it!

Great quality organic shampoo!

I can always depend on 4 legger brands to deliver a high quality product. I add Melissa's animaleo oils to this shampoo to reap the benefits of their medicinal purposes and get a happy clean dogs as a result! Will continue to buy from you. Thanks from Mojo and Cooper♡

So Good

Really pleased with the final results of this shampoo. It didn't take much for a great lather and was easy to rinse off while leaving a nice shiny coat. Within a week he had compliments on the shine and soft feel of his coat. This will be our go to shampoo!

Smells so good

I love these shampoos! This is the second one I'm trying, and it's a little thicker than the lemongrass, which is nice. But honestly, I love both of them so much, I use them on my dogs and myself! My hair stays cleaner, longer, even with the other styling products I use.

Good stuff

After 1st use our Paisley is attempting to get used to change from enzymatic brand. The all natural ingredients is what sold me on product. Peppermint good for many things!!. Thank you 4 legger


Great product especially when used with their shampoo. You don't need much shampoo and this prevents the accidental overuse by foaming the shampoo. Can not imagine how much I would have wasted otherwise.

Love love love!!!!

This shampooed smells wonderful and leaves my long haired miniature dachshund Shelby’s fur so clean and soft! It lathers and rinses really well also.

Very nice shampoo

My dog is a very "unique" little animal with some interesting characteristics, one of which is his coat. It's medium long, very dry and he always looks like he came through a wind tunnel backwards. It also tangles easily. I've been attempting to find a product that has nontoxic ingredients and can tame his unruly hair. This shampoo came very close. I've used it just once so far and was pleased with the results. I'm hoping that continued use will garner even better results. A conditioner would be a great addition. Absolutely love the lavender essential oil. It smells so good I'm tempted to use it on myself.

Great product

This product is wonderful. Better then I expected and is safe for both my dogs. I was a little nervous when it came and saw it’s looked like water. I was expecting to use half the bottle on both my medium sized dogs. Hardly used any and got both dogs clean. Also foamed better the I expected when I applied it. I will be using this on my dogs going forward and loved it.

New Customer

We love the Shampoo. The BEST part is it's All Natural. Our dog has bad allergies and sensitive skin and she usually is scratching and chewing within a couple of days of using her old Shampoo but not with this one. Can't wait till they come out with a Conditioner.

Great Product

I recently bought this product to use on our three Maine Coon cats and was very surprised at how far a little will go. I had read online there was a foam pump bottle available and was so glad to have purchased. The product is very thin, like water, and the foam pump bottle made it cost effective as I wasn't spilling shampoo down the drain. The cats weren't impressed but I expected that reaction! Thanks for making a product specifically made for our fur babies. I feel better using a product specifically designed for their safety.

Wonderful Shampoo

This shampoo is fabulous! My dogs coats are shiny, smell fantastic and it’s all natural :-)
Just love it! I heard about through TWO TRAVELING DOGS, which I’ve been following for 3-4 years now! Thank you for making a superb product?

My Itchy Cockapoo Loved This Shampoo!

My 5 year old cockapoo has been really itchy the past few months. After reading all of the positive reviews about this shampoo, I decided to give it a try to see if it helped with her itchiness. I noticed a difference immediately as my pup didn't seem to mind her bath for the first time ever. Normally she tries to escape the entire time. And once I finally do release her, she typically rolls around everywhere trying her best to get the scent of the shampoo off despite the fact that I have always used "natural shampoos" recommended by the specialty pet store. However, with this shampoo, she calmly stood in the laundry room sink as I lathered her up and waited patiently for me to rinse her off. It probably helped that the whole process was much faster than in the past as this shampoo rinses off really easily without leaving a film. Admittedly her coat was not quite as silky soft as when I use the other shampoos (no bad chemicals to coat it), but my pup looked and smelled really clean. It has now been a week and she still smells nice. The best news, however, is that she doesn't seem to be so itchy. In fact, I haven't noticed her scratching much at all. Of course, I have only used this shampoo once and so will have to see it it continues to be her favorite, but it appears to be a keeper. I would also recommend purchasing the foamer bottle as that made it really easy to apply without using too much shampoo. Thank you 4-legger for a safe, non-toxic product that actually works!

Love the foamer bottle!

With two Spaniels in the house the foamer bottle has made bathing easier and quicker for the dogs. Love using it with 4-legger shampoo. It has really helped my Springer's coat with all her allergies. Smells and looks so much better!! So glad we found you!


Love this stuff. My dogs teeth look wonderful. Keeps them much cleaner than the other natural brand toothpaste I was using. Use the shampoo too. Thanks 4-legger for making TRULY Natural organic products.

Great Product

it has really helped my Romeo's nose. Even tho he licks it off as fast as I put it on. His nose was in horrible shape when I started using it. It was so dry and looked like popcorn kernels on his nose...His nose is shinier and more black now.

From the earth

I am personally making a transition to earth grown foods and herbs. So, I began to introduce my dog to his normal ancestral habitat with foods, baths, etc. It is wonderful to find companies that manufacture products to keep us healthy naturally. Going back and forth to the Vet and or practicing physicians is 80 to 90% rip off when there are foods and herbs that prevent and heal. Please continue to produce organically without the outrageous cost.! Thanks 4legger.

Unscented with aloe

Excellent products! Also purchased the foamer dispenser! Love it!

Unscented shampoo

Excellent products! All 3 dogs haven’t had any allergic reactions to the 3 types of shampoo that we have used. Also purchased the foamer dispenser! Love it!

So Glad I found It!!

I have used every shampoo on the planet for my itchy dog..this product is different.I can honestly say her itching has almost completely stopped and we all are so grateful ..Thanks 4 Legger

It works!

It works so well with my Gordon Setter that has a dry skin. He's not scratching and he's coat has more shine than before. Will buy just this one for him. Thank you for a great product.

Mixing bottle review

Took shampoo and mixing bottle with AnimalEO's to groomers. She liked being able to mix up just enough shampoo and EO's for one shampoo.

Great product

Great product and really helps our dogs paw pads. Love that it is all natural. Continue with the all natural products, dogs everywhere appreciate it.

I love this shampoo!

I used 4legger's peppermint, cedar, and eucalyptus shampoo on my plush coat German Shepherd puppy. The differences between 4legger and another brand I had been using are astronomical. First of all, this shampoo smells AMAZING. There was no "wet dog" smell after giving my puppy his bath. He smelled (and still smells) amazing, my bathroom smelled amazing, my hands smelled amazing. The smell was not overpowering, though. It was a very natural, pleasant smell. Second of all, it was so easy to lather into my puppy's extremely thick plush coat. The problem I had with other shampoos was that I had to use SO MUCH of it to get it into his fur because of how thick his coat is. This was much thinner and easier to lather. And it lathers extremely well. I was pleasantly surprised at how little I had to use. Thirdly, it rinses nicely too! It didn't take me forever to make sure all the suds were out of his fur. It rinsed out very, very nicely and easily. He feels clean, soft, and he smells good. I love this shampoo and I love the organic ingredients that make up this shampoo. I will not be using anything else for my dog. I highly recommend.

Wonderful fragrance!

I purchased this essential oil blend as a safe alternative for my diffuser. We diffuse oil each night and it makes falling asleep easy. My Border Collie sleeps in the same room so I wanted something she would like and this seemed like the best blend for our purpose. The aroma is wonderful and not too overpowering, which was important given the sensitive noses of dogs. I also plan to use as a calming oil for her but the opportunity do do so has not come up.

Foaming bottle

Love it! Glad I purchased this product

HIGHLY Recommend!

I’ve used this on my german shepherd puppy for a couple weeks now, and it has been wonderful! It smells SO GOOD. He never had the wet dog smell afterward either. I got it because he was itchy with the winter dryness (we are in Indiana), and even after one wash I could tell a major difference. I didn’t have any trouble lathering it especially if I rubbed it between my hands before applying, and the waxy feeling is short lived because once he’s dry his coat is shiny and silky. I love this product and so does my boy!

Awesome toothpaste!

Decided to give this toothpaste a try for my Maltese and Welsh Corgi. They are both very accepting of it. I am very happy that I purchased this product.

Happy customer

My dog was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and my vet was invested enough to refer me to 4 legger as an added homeopathic treatment I could try along side medicine. Obviously I’m not 100% percent sure if this eliminates his seizures, because he is in seizure medicine, but I do know that he seems to be less anxious and less not himself. We started this about a week after his new medicine and he was seeming lethargic and still anxious and weird after we started the medicine. After starting to diffuse this half the day and the calm a mile half the day, he seems much more himself and playful. You can tell he is definitely feeling better everyday.

Nose and paws

This is an awesome product!!!
My dog has had cracked pads for 3 years and luckily I stubbled across an advertisement for 4 Legger.
It works! She now wants me to apply it. Must comfort those 12 year old paws!

Wonderful Shampoo

Best dog shampoo I've ever used. Nicely lathers up a silky smooth shampoo and smells so good. Leaves the dog's coat shiny and very soft. And best of all, the shampoo contains no harmful substances for man or dog. Thank you 4-Legger!

10 stars

Can't find a shampoo we don't like from 4leggers but this one has great anti bug oils and nice conditioner too.

Love the Shampoo

Really like that it was unscented thus allowing me to add the needed essential oils. Most canine shampoos are difficult to rinse out, but this rinsed out quickly. It also takes very little shampoo to create a good lather. I find that the flaking on both of my dogs has decreased. While not totally alleviated, I attribute that to the very harsh cold temps we've been experiencing the last few weeks. Very pleased with the shampoo and results!


My dog has allergic reaction on and around her paws! This worked great on my dogs paws!

Can't decide

Can't decide which of your shampoos are best. Ingredients are great as in human grade. I like the way this shampoo lathers so well and rinses quickly. Keep up the good work 4 leggers for us 2 leggers. To those who may be doubtful try it you will like it!.

Works like a charm!

My boxer’s nose has always been dry and cracked. I have tried vitamin E oils but it never really worked. I’ve been putting the balm on her nose for last week and it is definitely healing.

Great Cream

I have used this product on my springer's feet for almost a week , 2x a day already and his feet are almost healed. The main pads on his feet had large deep cracks in them and the smaller ones badly chapped. (we've had -24 temps for 2wks.) His feet have healed so quickly, LOVE THIS PRODUCT! We have purchased boots for him to help protect his feet also. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT, ALSO SELLER HAS REALLY FAST SHIPPING! Tuck is really satisfied TOO!

What I’ve been looking for!!!

The shampoo is awesome my Shih Tzu has contact allergies and this has helped him not to itch as much. Thank you for a wonderful and safe product.