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Nice product

Softening up their noses now! Seems to work well!

Great Shampoo!

I used this shampoo on my long haired dachshund, Riley Roen, and his hair looks wonderful! It lathered well and rinsed easily and left his very fine hair looking wonderfully fluffy. Thank you for a great product!

Best shampoo ever!

I absolutely love this shampoo! My girl Blaze is clean and smells amazing without any harmful chemicals! Also, the foamer bottle is a must. Love it!

The perfect finish after a bath using any 4-Legger shampoo!!

I have 2 dogs with totally different coats. A Shih Tzu and a Cav. King Charles Spaniel with a very thick coat. After using the shampoos for awhile - which I love - the new line came out with the conditioner. I tried it immediately, love it and have used it ever since! The conditioner leaves both their coats so shiny and soft. The Cavalier’s coat is tangle free. I also love how they smell after using it!! We are huge fans of the Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse.

This is the ONLY product that has been able to heal up the deep paw pad cracks on my boys feet from this bitter cold winter! I've gone through 4 different products over the last few months and he has either refused to allow them anywhere near him, broken out to them, had absolutely no healing effects from using them or licked until he has gotten his feet raw. THANK GOODNESS FOR 44-LEGGER!!! The only product he let's me put on him. The only product that in less than a week has begun healing up his deepest cracks! The only product he doesn't constantly lick! The only product I'll ever purchase!!
Then every sweet little package arrives with Melissa's hand written thank you card. Wow! She has me hooked!! Don't think twice, order today!!


I've tried many different dog shampoos and the 4-legger shampoo is BY FAR MY TOP PICK!! It's not a thick product that takes a lot to get the job done, just a bead down a dirty doggies back and scrub! 4-legger gets you that great lather and it's easy to rinse out. Makes bath time for those hard to scrub puppies that much easier!! Lemongrass & aloe is fresh smelling and like the other scents, one of the only brands I have found that actually does away with that "wet dog" smell.
Bonus - Melissa sends a handwritten thank you note with each purchase! Who does that?! We are 4-legger fur family members for life!

Allergy shampoo

Excellent shampoo for allergy-ridden doggy

Exceeds expectations!

I recently moved to the desert and my 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback developed a severely dry and cracked nose that was obviously very uncomfortable for him. I tried other highly rated and expensive products that did little to alleviate the problem. However within days of applying 4-Legger Certified Organic Healing Balm to his nose, the dryness was gone. His nose returned to its natural color and is moist and supple. The cracks are gone and his sense of smell has clearly improved. The balm is easy to apply and has a pleasant smell. In short, I cannot recommend the product highly enough. I love their organic shampoos as well.

Love the Lemongrass

This shampoo is just fantastic. My Scotchy boy tends to get a lot skin issues and the Lemongrass Hemp shampoo does great with supporting his skin against bacterial and also does great for his dry skin. On top of that it smells great and it makes him feel really good afterwards. Such great products!!


This shampoo is great....cleans the dog's coat and helps with any skin issues and smells good too. I will buy again.


Amazing products got both the hypoallergenic shampoo and nose and paw balm. My poor baby has needs constant baths and this does an amazing job. I’m glad I’m not forced to use medicated shampoo anymore! Constant baths were making her skin worse. 4legger has helped tremendously her skins slowly starting to com back to normal!

This is the best shampoo I have used on my dogs in 35 + years!!! The lemongrass is fantastic and smells GREAT!!!!! I run a dog rescue, so lots of dogs get bathed and their coats look so good and smell great after. You only need a small amount of shampoo and it lathers up great! Feeding raw/homemade food helps also! Highly recommend!😊

Working well

My 4 legger has some hair loss in an area on her neck. This product seems to help with hair growth there. Also smells great. Since she licks it off my fingers I'm glad it's at a spot she can't reach. I've really liked all of you products I have tried . Keep up the good work!

Great stuff!

This shampoo works as advertised, and smells WONDERFUL! Our dog loves it and so do we...
Kudos guys for an amazing product, and company!

nose getting softer

My baby's nose was very hard and crusty like. I've put this on a few times so far and can see the difference. He doesn't like me messing with his nose but doesn't mind it was it's on. It's getting softer, so it's working. Thank you.


Great so far (1 application on 3 different dogs). Lathers nicely. Used on my sister's dog, and has really helped his dry skin issue. The scent isn't overwhelming

Awesome products

I raise and train service dogs and was introduced to these amazing organic shampoos by Dr Shelton my essential oils holistic vet.
They are excellent products and our pups In training Australian Labradoodles have no itching, flaky scalp, using these products

Another Winner!

I wrote a review for the Revitalize shampoo because I'm so glad I found this company and love using their products. I also purchased this peppermint/cedar/eucalyptus shampoo, plus the restore conditioning rinse. I couldn't be happier with any of these products. All smell so great clean my doggies' coats so well. The only challenge is which shampoo to use when it's bath time as both work amazingly. I rest assured that I'm not exposing them to anything that could cause them harm or discomfort. As it's still March, the true test will come in another month or so when Spring is in full bloom as one of my dogs has seasonal allergies in which he gets sores on this back. I'm hoping this will eliminate the problem this year, along with his herbal tonic. I couldn't be happier this company exists or with the quality of their products and extremely excellent customer service. Thank you, from me and the doggies!

So Happy You Make This!

This is my 2nd order of products placed with 4-Legger and I couldn't be happier. One of my dogs had the dreaded frito smell (it's not diet) and between this and the Restore, his feet don't smell anymore. Also, he came to me 2 yrs with gnarly, course hair on his back near his butt. Over time on a healthy diet, his coat has improved a lot but I couldn't get the course stuff to smooth out. Again, between both, his hair is consistent now and as smooth as his 2yr old nephew's! My dogs are black and white and while it's not advertised for this, their coats are SO white, it's amazing. All three now have the bright white smooth and soft coats of young dogs, one being 13! I'm so relieved to have found this line as I do all I can for the health of my kids and do my best to not expose them to anything harmful. As did others, I bought the foamer bottle so I can better determine how much to use. I've told all of my friends with dogs about 4-Legger. Customer service (Angela) was the best I've ever experienced from any company. She actually read my email and responded to my questions, not a scripted response. She provided me helpful solutions and a week later, I'm still over the moon with what a great experience it was. I hope 4-Legger knows what an asset she is to their company. Great products are one thing. Add great customer service and you've got me for life!

Great shampoo !

I love all of the organic shampoos. They leave my dog shiny and smelling so good. Her skin is much better after using these and can be used often without causing any problems.

Love it !

I specifically bought this for my bloodhound. He’s a hard working guy and his nose sometimes gets dry and rough around the edges. His paw pads are rough from him working a lot also. I used the product twice on his nose and the second day the dryness was gone. He got a bath and nail trim and rubbed the balm into his paw pads. I LOVE this balm. Definitely a very useful product ! I now keep in my first aid bag. Now he smells like a lemon and his nose is nice and pads are moisturized. Thank you for your wonderful products !


This shampoo smells great, rinses clean and leaves the coat shiny and soft. I appreciate this especially for my 16 year old dog, who's got "old lady skin." Her name is Snowee and I call her "Sno-So-Soft" after her 4-Legger baths. She had one today. Of special note is her back legs do not work so it takes my husband and me to do this. We take her in the back yard when the weather is warm (we live in Florida so that's often) and the sun has warmed the hose so she doesn't get chilled. I am confident she is getting the best bath available when I use 4-Legger. Thanks for this new scent!!

Organic dog shampoos

Love this product! So happy with the new all organic dog shampoo! Excellent products! Highly recommend and don’t forget the to buy the pump with the shampoo. It makes it easy to apply and a little goes a long way! Thanks 4 legger!

Love it!

This is my Saint Bernard, Abbey. She goes to a groomer for her baths, BUT I LOVE this shampoo for myself! I have alopecia starting and I've begun using 4-Legger shampoo with Boost in a Bottle added. My hair feels great ... we'll see if it helps with hair loss after a while.


This shampoo is recommended by ANimalEO ( created, tasted for consistency, and tested by a vet) I figured if she recommended it, then my Sheltie-boy who has severe allergies needed this,too. Works beautifully! I’m waiting for their conditioner to come back in so I can try that, too! I even got my sister hooked on this doggy shampoo!