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Customer Reviews of 4-Legger Pet Products

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I really like this

We are in Northern California and it seems year around allergy. During the winter with all the wildfires, there are always something in the air and on the ground, and Ellie is in constant itch. She comes out nice and clean, smells wonderful after each wash. It is an eye opening experience to learn all the natural ingredients can do such a wonderful job.

New go-to shampoo

2nd bottle of this shampoo for our 3 dogs . It smells nice, foams well, rinses easily and leaves a smooth, silky coat. I bought a foamer bottle this time, it was very easy and efficient to dispense the shampoo this way because the product consistency is like water. I’m also sensitive to many things and this shampoo didn’t trigger any problems. I noticed that when my dogs occasionally scratch, it’s always somewhere on their head (I don’t shampoo their head) so it appears it’s moisturizing skin and even discouraging
biting insects.

Great shampoo.

I am so glad Dr. Shelton recommended this shampoo for my Charlie dog. It has truly been a game changer for him. I add Animaleo oils to it and his itching goes away every time.

Great product!

As always I love 4 Legger products for my very allergy prone golden retriever. Her fur just shines and I get complements all the time on how great her fur coat looks. I always recommend 4-Legger products. They are the best!

Favorite Shampoo

This product is the 4th organic shampoo we have tried and we absolutely love it. It takes such a small amount to get our crew clean. The smell is perfect and not over powering. It rinses nice and clean without leaving behind a residue. This shampoo is a favorite in our house. Thank you for making a safe organic product for our pups!

Awesome Shampoo

I am so impressed by this shampoo and so is my groomer. I gave it to her to use on my dogs when they got groomed and it was just fantastic. The way my pups looked and felt after their bath was awesome. So soft and shiny! I will definitely order this shampoo again. Great product! I recommend it highly!

Heavenly Scented!

Our customers are loving all of 4Leggers organic deodorizing sprays. The Lavender in particular is flying off the shelf! Owners report that it helps to calm their pups when we've had severe wind and thunderstorms, plus it's a great "in between" bath spray to keep their pups smelling so good.

Foam yes, bottle grip no

Love how this bottle foams the shampoo to make it more economical, etc., however, with wet, soapy hands, the bottle is difficult to use.

Best shampoo ever

We love the shampoo we have used it for a while now. We love how if smells and how little you have to use. Our dog peanut has allergies pretty bad and this shampoo is perfect for him.


Love the foamer! It's so much easier to get the right amount of shampoo and get it onto the dog!!

Add me to the list

Add me to the list of satisfied customers who bought the 4 Legger brand dog shampoo. It sudses easily, rinses easily, and gives me the peace of mind that I'm washing Augie with all good, healthy ingredients and none of the bad. Thanks, 4 Legger.


It truly is a miracle in a bottle! My 15 yr old Burmese Cat Leo has suffered from severe asthma for several years. First my vet prescribed abuterol 90mg twice per day but that was a huge mistake... it made he's symptoms worse & even exasperated he's condition so I stopped using it. I researched high & low then came across slippery elm bark tincture. The results were great but it was tedious to administer 3x daily with syringe. Finally my holistic Vet recommended Open Air by animalEO which I had never heard of before. All I can say since using this product in my water diffuser has made a world of difference and poor Leo finally stopped having attacks. It's truly super easy too use! I just put 3 to 4 drops into the diffuser turn on and that's it! I keep it running for an hour twice or three times per day.It leaves the room smelling like a spa. Your pet and even humans will love it!


My friend told me about this great shampoo. I love it because my Chauncy has medical problems and I know what you put on them is important (since he gets a bath every 10 days..white dog) with brindle). I noticed after my first use that it rinses easily as it has no chemicals in it. It leaves his coat soft with a clean fragrance. I highly recommend this shampoo for every pet owner.

gets nasty smells off my dog with ease

I love the ingredients in this shampoo. Easy to rinse off and apply as long as you have the foamer bottle. I feed my dog an all raw meat/bones/organs diet and she has a beard which means the meat gets stuck in it and causes an unpleasant smell even if you wash her face with other soaps. This soap gets all the smell out of her fur, even green tripe smell! Some people don't like the lemongrass smell, but I don't mind it. That said, I am going to get another scent once this bottle runs out (which will probably be in 8-12 months, I know, it lasts forever). Since this shampoo uses essential oils instead of chemicals, It did not bother my dad, who has bad asthma.

My only complaint would be I think the shampoo should be sold in the foamer bottle instead of having to buy it separately because it is a good quality bottle that even has a lock in it so the pump can't be pressed if you throw it in a bag (which is what I do with mine). The bottle does a very good job at preventing the waste of shampoo.

What's not to love?

I use 4Legger Relax Deo spray on our terrier mix Augie to help condition her dry coat and to keep her smelling sweet between shampoos. I love knowing it contains no harsh chemical ingredients, and Augie's happy if I'm happy.

Great product!

I love your products! Lexi got the royal treatment today. Used the Aloe and Lemongrass shampoo and it went a long way. Then put the paw balm on her. She is so pretty and shiny! Thank you for the great products!

Room for improvement

While the dental powder is safe to use with good quality ingredients, the top needs to be made differently cause your wasting too much product when you squeeze it on to the toothbrush. It either comes out too quickly or not enough.


I have an injured dog with s severe skull fracture that needs lots of rest and needs to remain calm. Calm-A-Mile works. I spray his bedding and he gets a good night rest or nap and just a small spray on his chest to keep him calm while the grand babies are visiting. It works!!

Great Product

I am always looking for safe, non-toxic shampoo's for my dogs. I love the ingredients and it works well for my pups! Thank you for creating a great product!

My skin thanks you!!

Woof, my name is Murphy (also known as Diva Dog). I have skin allergies, and need a gentle, natural, hypoallergenic shampoo. My Mom has searched high and low to find the best she can for me that's also affordable. Voila: 4-legger Soothe shampoo. Another big plus is that Mom can add Away, Calm-a-Mile, or any other animalEO's we need or want. That's a win win in our book!! Many thanks and puppy dog kisses

Clear Sailing

I tried Clear Sailing because I like Calm-a-mile so much. I rotate Clear Sailing and Sunshine in a Bottle in my living room diffuser. Clear Sailing is the one I use in the evening to help me relax before bedtime. Thanks again to the 4-Leggers who calm my world!

Highly Recommend!

I love all the 4 Legger Shampoo. It leaves my dogs smelling so clean and fresh. It also leaves there coat so soft and shiny. All with out harsh chemicals!

Moisturize Organic Dog Shampoo

the shampoo itself was good but we didn't particularly care for the smell. Lemongrass is usually a fresh scent and this smelled more like lemon pledge. I would buy the shampoo again, just not this scent.

Calming Spray

I've only used the lavender spray for calming a couple of times on my two-year-old. He loves to travel and gets very excited when we leave home, and he watches everything that is going on the entire time I'm driving. With the spray, he watched things for a while, but laid down and rested for part of the trip too. So far it seems to be working great! The ladies from 4-Legger that were at the Lexington, KY dogs shows were wonderful to talk to and very helpful. I really appreciate their knowledge and thoughtfulness!

refreshed clean mouth = a happy dog

I have been using dog breath for four months and happy to have it. It is the perfect mouth refresher and gum cleanser for my 6 year old dog. It lasts a long time if you dilute it with some peppermint tea in a spray bottle. ( coconut oil did not work for me and I prefer to stay away from another oil substance).
Best to try a diluted version first. After many experiments the easiest and quickest way to apply is simply spray a good amount on your finger and then lightly apply to one side of the gum line. Then re spray for the other side. For the first time my dog is not hiding from me!
Once my dogs teeth are cleaned ( which has to be done to rid the gingivitis,) I plan to use dog breath as a quick mouth cleanser/ breath freshener, and healer.
It really is worth the little effort and time, and a little goes a long way.
My dog Kira appears happier with a refreshed mouth, as can you imagine living without your mouth somewhat clean? And so many dogs get gingivitis. That would not be fun.
I wish I had started using dog breath two years ago.