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This rinse helps with itching dogs. Apple cider is great for yeast but I hate the smell. 4-Legger adds essential oils that make it smell nice so this is a win for my dog. Highly recommend.

Calmed my dog

Idk why but my dog was so calm after I washed her with your shampoo the 1st time. She practically fell asleep while I was blow drying her. I think she really prefers it to the chemical shampoo I was using before.

Restore has been helping with my girls itching from allergies. I know apple cider vinegar helps with itching but the vinegar smell is awful. This has essential oils in addition to the apple cider vinegar so it smells wonderful.


My dog has yeast under her arm and I know apple cider vinegar helps but I can’t stand the smell of it. 4-Legger added additional healing ingredients that makes it smell wonderful. I have used it in her last 2 baths and it appears to be helping. Helps with the itching also so I would highly recommend it.

So good I’m tempted to use it!

This product improves the results you get from the shampoo. After the shampoo and Restore vinegar rinse , my mini Dachshunds are so smooth, shiny and very clean, as the rinse helps remove any remains of the shampoo. They stay clean longer! I’m so happy I tried it !

Miracle in a Bottle

My 5 year old pitbull mix has been suffering with allergies since she was a year old, with itchy skin and frequent outbreaks of hives and rashes. Getting her allergy tested and changing her diet to reflect those results was key (turns out she's allergic to just about everything and is now on a raw food diet), but we were still having issues with flare ups. Restore used after a scrub down with 4-Legger Unscented Aloe Vera & Organic Coconut Oil Shampoo has made a big difference, helping to heal flare ups quickly. Not only that, but this product has been amazing for my own skin, helping to clear up a shingles outbreak on my face and a bad case of bacterial vaginosis, though I also radically changed my diet, following Medical Medium protocols, which I know helped, as well. 4-Leggar should repackage this for people, as well, so people without pets will use it - it is incredibly helpful in treating almost any skin condition!


I have 5 Biewer terriers, & all 5 were washed in your shampoo & apple cider vinegar. Their hair turned out terrible & I won't be using it again. I spent $80 some dollars & I'm disgusted.

Finally, a shampoo that doesn’t give my dog dandruff

We have a 10 yo pit pix with very sensitive skin. I have tried numerous shampoos-medicated from the vet, the Tigi kind from the pet store, the random ones at the diy dog wash, and even shampoo bars, and they all dried his skin out and gave him dandruff and itching. This shampoo left his coat lustrous and moisturized, and we still have no flakes, several days later! I think we have a winner! Also, it smells divine.

First time buyer

Smells nice for a few minutes, then fades away and dogs smells bad again :/

Love it

It’s great to wash with something that is ‘clean’ and supports health.

I love the product and the mission statement of the company 😊

Smells Great

I love that this shampoo is all natural and organic. The smell is amazing, and not strong, but very calming. I use it daily on my greyhound's feet and legs after walks. We live in a high pollen area, and the ground everywhere is covered with pollen. He is allergic to it, and also the poison people spray on their yards. This shampoo, on a wash cloth works wonders for him.

Very nice product. Dogs
fur is so soft. They quit scratching after baths for 2 eeks. I usually bathe every 2-3 weeks. Best shampoo I have tried which believe me is a long search. I love nott using a conditioner too. I have 3 different types of 4 legger shampoo for my 3 dogs. Will continue with these shampoos.

My favorite shampoo for my pupper! The foaming container was a big bonus.

Love the scent, got him clean

I’ve only used the shampoo once. But it got my dirty St Poodle clean and he smelled good. He’s black so he often looks dusty after he is dry. He stayed looking nicer longer. I’m hopeful after a few more washes his skin won’t be so dry and he will look even blacker.

Awesome conditioning rinse

This product is amazing. Leaves coat clean and shiny, no greasy feeling. Reduces bacteria and yeast to keep skin calm. Love this product so much!!!

Great shampoo. Love it being all natural. Smell is strong but doesn’t last

Game changer

I was told of this company by a friend who lives her life in the most natural purest way. I told her my dog ( mini schnauzer) has these flakes and dry bumps on his back. She told me it might be his shampoo. I order this shampoo and not only does it moisturize his skin but leaves his coat smooth and smelling great. I purchased the shampoo dispenser which turns it into a foamwhich is easier to control. The shampoo is thin and a little bit goes a long way so i didnt want to waste more shampoo. I recommend this item nd look forward to contine with it.
I also purchased the All natural dental powder, amazing what it has done to his breath and starting to see a difference in teeth slowly ( his teeth are bad)
Thank you 4Legger!

Fantastic shampoo!

It smells heavenly and a little goes a long way. Both of my dog’s coats were so fluffy and soft! I was a little nervous the essential oils might irritate my one dog’s skin because he’s very sensitive to a lot of things. He didn’t have any issues with it!

Lemongrass shampoo

Excellent product for my 10 yo Aussie, Lily, & I like it for myself too!

Happy Dog!

I have been using your shampoos for quite awhile, I have liked all of them!!

Just started using mine, Im hopeful as I have a white pit and his skin is hard to please. I love the smell so we will see. Im crossing my fingers.

Good shampoo

2nd time I have ordered this shampoo. Very gentle and calming