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Good shampoo

2nd time I have ordered this shampoo. Very gentle and calming


Excellent product! Performed as description said it would. Besides using for our pet's bath, I diluted enough with water and wipe irritated-itchy areas as needed.

Former bottle



Smells great

Love this one. I have all of the sprays. I love them all

Missing part on spray attachment

I received the spray and purchased the additional sprayer but the plastic tube that pumps spray out was missing! (I checked box throughly for that piece!) So... I purchased a sprayer at the store and poured contents into it and am using it now.
Hated to send back whole item for one small part! Haven't used it but twice yet but it seems like a good product and like the apple cider smell and the organic properties!

This shampoo leaves our dog's fur silky and smooth

Thank you so much for creating such high-quality products. I used the Organic Lemongrass and Aloe shampoo last evening for the first time on my dog and it left his skin so silky, shiny and smooth. I look forward to seeing how it transforms his skin and coat over time.


This is my second bottle of Hemp & Lemongrass. It suds like crazy & feels so luxurious & nourishing on my boys coat. I want to just keep scrubbing it in! Rinses so quick & clean.
Also placed the order on a Thursday & Saturday went for a wet MUDDY hike. I was bummed that I had not placed the order sooner because he really need a bath. Got home & found my shampoo sitting on the front porch!
Off to the dog wash with my 125lb beast & awesome shampoo!

Love 4 Legger shampoos. I just switched to the oatmeal because suddenly my dog became itchy. Helped immensely. The oatmeal is the same as the rest of the line leaving your dog so soft with a very mild smell.

Love the Foamer bottle!

I’ve used 4-Legger for years and love it for our little Lizzie. Recently bought the foam bottle for application and it’s a game changer..much easier to apply shampoo without wasting any. A small amount goes a long way. So glad I got this!!

Balm is now part of our First Aid kit

We have a Canine Water Therapy indoor pool to help dogs heal and/or become more fit. I purchased the balm to have a the pool for dogs whose pads need some help.

Game changer

The foaming bottle is a total game changer. Makes using the shampoo a breeze. Having not ordered it the first time 🙃 and ordering it this time I can say don't follow my first example!


Do not like the smell and puppies coat was not as soft as expected..:-(


I Love this product it cleans without drying the skin, And it rinses easily.

Not what I expected...

I love your Lemon grass shampoo and how the smell just lingers and lasts more than a day. Cuddling with Gracie is great!
This winter we moved and Gracie seemed to develop some adverse skin issues so I thought the cooling shampoo would help with her itching and the smell since she stays inside. I thought with ALL the great essential oils, she'd stay smelling heavenly. I have only used it once, and not very happy with it. It is VERY strong smelling and didn't last a day. Am going to try again today along with the apple cider rinse and leave on longer hoping for a better experience. Wish a hint of lemongrass could have been added for fragrance! Anyway, I may end up sending back and choosing a more pleasant scent!

Amazing! Fantastic! Excellent!

This shampoo is a game changer! Not only does it leave Ella's coat soft and shiny, but the pleasant scent it's sooo amazing! The formula is gentle yet effective, and I appreciate that it's made with high-quality ingredients. Bath time has never been this enjoyable for both me and my Cotton de Tulear, girl. Highly recommend!
Thank you very much for existing 4Legger!!!

This is the best!

I bought this along with the hypoallergenic lemongrass aloe shampoo and my dog loves it and so do I. My shih tzu mix has had a lot of skin issues with hot spots in the summer we have been using medicated shampoo and sometimes shots which I didn’t like doing much but I had no choice. I have tried other natural shampoos but they didn’t help at all. I’m hoping this is our miracle. Even if it isn’t I will continue to buy this product cause it doesn’t have harmful chemicals and his reaction to it was a calming effect I have never seen before he hated his other shampoo and spray leave it. Like he was reacting to something in it he didn’t like I wish my fur baby could talk. I just want to say to the ladies that made these product I thank you from the bottom of my heart and it means so much to me that you care so much about our fur babies. Mine are like my kids! Again thank you so much!

Fantastic shampoo. Smells great, does a great job for Nala.

Great shampoo. I often combine this with the lemongrass shampoo, and it works great for Nala. She can go longer bw baths, too, which is nice since she hates them! I find it is more effective for her skin than the prescription shampoo. Highly recommend!

Organic Cedar Shampoo & Conditioner with Peppermint & Eucalyptus

This Cedar shampoo and conditioner is so rich and luxurious. It lathers so well and the scent is clean and natural. The cedar scent helps to repel fleas. It takes a little extra rinsing but is well worth it. This is my favorite shampoo for my canine companion!

Scratchy Pup

Our current foster dog has skin allergies and your product CALM Organic Lavender Dog Shampoo with Calendula and St. John's Wort was recommended. Wow! What a game changer. After bathing her there was a dramatic decrease of her constantly scratching. I also liked the scent and it lathered up really well. Thank you for a "clean product"

Love this shampoo!

I love 4Legger shampoo and can't even imagine using anything else for my dog(s).
I've been using this shampoo for years now and the Lemongrass is my favorite. It smells amazing and none of my dogs have had any itching or flakiness since switching from other shampoos that didn't work as claimed. I always bring it to the groomer when it's my girl's bath time and my only complaint is that our groomer uses too much even watered down. Can't wait to use the foamer in the package I ordered!

Excellent-quality product.

Product did as the description said it would do. This product also helped in a remarkable way---Brutus (dog/my boy) is an American Pit Bull Terrier, age, 9, and nine months old, and blue in color. He has the rare condition known as: Angiomatosis---his Vet was not even taught about it in veterinarian school. There is no cure at this time nor much help. One of the side effects of this conditions is where the condition is internally located (his belly and hind legs) form liquid bubbles that drips body fluids at times---big puddles of fluid at times. The strong medicine: Cyclosporine and Pentoxifylline is the only medicine that helps at this point. When you bath and rinse him, he drips fluid even more for a day or little more---but with this shampoo he did not drip fluid till the next day, and it was far less. We'll take that help and keep on going-loving him!

Product review

Excellent customer service. Love the product, my puppy smells so good and stay longer than expected. I highly recommend