Evict®️ A Pet Safe Essential Oil Blend for Pest Control by animalEO®

Evict®️ A Pet Safe Essential Oil Blend for Pest Control by animalEO®

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We are really excited to offer Evict to repel pests with a nice cedar scent thanks to Cedarwood. It is excellent at eliminating odors on your dog, their bedding, your couch, or other areas.

This is the undiluted formulation (NEAT) and must be diluted using one of the following recommended applications prior to use.

Evict NEAT can be diffused in a water based diffuser (ultrasonic) or blended into a spray mist, or mixed with 4-Legger Unscented Shampoo. It is a pure, undiluted essential oil blend and is not intended for direct application. 

Note: This blend contains Oregano, a strong essential oil. We suggest you start with smaller amount of Evict NEAT and gradually increase as desired. 

We suggest careful monitoring the first time any new blend is used to make sure everyone likes it.  

Regular diffusion of Evict around your dog, will also permeate their coat, and will provide not only odor eliminating benefits, but will impart small servings of the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils contained within Evict, on a regular and sustained basis!

Diffusing Evict NEAT

Evict NEAT does contain Oregano, a strong essential oil. We suggest you add 1 drop in 200 ml of water to start and increase gradually. 

A diffusion of Evict within a water based diffuser should be great. 

Evict Misting Spray
For odor elimination on the dog - drip between 4-20 drops of Evict into 4 ounces (120 mL) of distilled water. Shake the spray bottle before each use, and mist onto the dog directly where the odor is a problem.  

The Evict water mist excels as an insect repellent. For insects, a stronger solution of the Evict mist may be needed (more drops added to the water) - but it is still best to start with a few drops, make sure your dog tolerates it well, then gradually increase how many drops are in your spray bottle every few days.  In most cases, we find we will use approximated 40-60 drops of Evict in a 4 ounce glass spray bottle.

Evict Shampoo
Mix between 10 - 20 drops of Evict™ in @ 2 oz of 4-Legger Unscented Certified Organic Dog Shampoo to get rid of and repel insects (lice, mites, fleas, and other insects). 

Don't forget to get a mixing bottle if you don't have one.

Ingredients:  Essential Oils of Cedarwood (Juniperus mexicana), Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Eucalyptus citriodora, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Rosemary-Cineole (Rosmarinus officinalis), Oregano (Origanum vulgare).

Cedarwood: Grown and harvested from Texas, this essential oil is high in Cedrol, a known "anti-bug" oil. 

Catnip: Catnip is in a lot of research as a strong and pungent oil that is very effective against pests.

Eucalyptus: Lemon Eucalyptus from Australia has constituents that repel insects, including PMD (p-Menthane 3,8 diol). 

Geranium: Another essential oil that is often recommended as an insect repellent. 

Rosemary: Also known as a great insect repellent and despite rumors is perfectly safe for dogs even those with health issues. 

Oregano: Every effective against bugs, a small amount of Oregano is added to make this the perfect blend

4-Legger complies with animalEO's no refund or return policy on the sale of all animalEO essential oil blends.

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