USDA Certified Organic Lemongrass Dog Deodorizing Spray - Rejuvenate

When customers called and asked for an organic dog deodorizing spray we researched the market. We found a lot of dog touch up spray products made with synthetic chemicals like dog perfume and dog cologne. We knew we had to offer a truly safe and non-toxic organic dog touch up spray option for pet parents who care about ingredients.

Designed to be used in-between baths, our lemongrass all natural dog deodorant is a simple blend of purified water, organic essential oil, and organic oils crafted to provide a light mist of beneficial essential oils on your dog using oils that help your dog's coat and skin stay moisturized without leaving them an oily mess!

Our lemongrass essential oil dog deodorizer has a refreshing lemony scent that uplifts the spirits and relaxes the mind. Lemongrass is also a natural pest deterrent and also helps to reduce the presence of fungus and bacteria.

Packaged in Miron glass bottles to allow only infrared and UVA light (ultraviolet light) to penetrate. Its natural ability to block unwanted light helps to retain these high quality organic ingredients from perishing in sunlight, thus increasing shelf life and allowing us to eliminate harmful preservatives in the formulation. Very few companies use this glass due to the high cost. We know the extra expense is worth the cost so you don't spray toxic preservatives on your dog! The bottles are re-usable and recyclable.

A perfect compliment to use with our lemongrass dog shampoos available as both USDA organic dog shampoo to food grade standards and lemongrass and hemp USDA certified organic dog shampoo.


What's In The Bottle?


1. Shake well before using.

2. Gently spray mist on your dog (avoiding the eyes) to refresh between baths.

You can also apply to bedding, car seat, favorite blanket, & more!

Like all truly natural and organic products, the scent won't last as long as a synthetic counterpart.

Also unlike a synthetic based product, it is truly safe and non-toxic!

On average, you can expect the scent to last few hours and you can re-apply as often as needed.

Using the spray on your dog's legs and paws is a great habit to get into to remove environmental toxins picked up on your walk.

It just takes a few minutes to spray their legs and paws and wipe them down.

Absolutely not.

Perfumes and colognes are full of synthetic ingredients that have links to endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity and cancer.

You should never use them on your dog.

Absolutely! It is safe and non-toxic and does a great job at freshening up your dog's snuggle spot!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shawn B.
Our Dogs Smell Better!

We love this spray and have confidence with the best ingredients we can put on our pups! Thank you 4Legger!

Carrie H.
Keeping 10 Frenchies smelling yummy !

I enjoy the light and natural scents of all the 4legger products. I purchased the between shampoo deodorizer to mix with essential oils and keep my pups skin moisturized and smelling fresh as needed. They enjoy the scent and the rub down. This product achieves everything it promises and I feel good that I am only putting the cleanest ingredients on my dogs skin. Thank you Melissa and everyone at 4 legger for helping keep our beloved pets safe and clean !!!

Lisa L.
Shampoo great for itchy dogs

Definitely get the foaming pump because the lemograss shampoo is very liquid. It's helped reduce my dog's constant itching. Our dog is from a shelter, he smelled terrible, the lemongrass shampoo alone for his first bath was so gentle, it didn't remove much of the smell. Later, we tried the lemongrass shampoo with the apple cider vinegar conditioner and it removed most of the smell and that beautiful lemongrass smell came through. Our dog is big and the spray on the cider conditioner is painfully inadequate, also hard to grip when wet, plan to switch it out to any other spray bottle. The refreshing spray is great for between baths, I've only used it on his fur, the smell is nice and it's gentle enough that it won't trigger his itching. I shampoo my dog in my backyard on my lawn near some of my favorite roses, the shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner haven't had any adverse effects on the plants. I love these 3 products and I'd highly recommend them!

I love this shampoo!

I love this shampoo. I am trying other 4Legger products. I suggest you buy the foamer bottles. It makes it so much easier to use. I also bought the essential oil spray to use afterwards. Excellent!!!

Bob H.
Love that lemon grass

are use the shampoo on my 14 week golden doodle and use the spray in between shampoos in on his car seat. I use the all natural lemongrass goat milk soap from stone city farm and absolutely love it and now the pup smells great too ! I did not use anything on him until I talked to my groomer and she said only to use some thing that was organic and that’s why I searched out organic lemon grass and was so happy I found this product I will be using it always. I don’t think you’ll find anything better on the market. Thank you so much for this great product.

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