Organic Cedar Dog Shampoo and Conditioner with Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Highly Recommend
All 3 of my dogs a terrier, a cattle dog, and a husky use these shampoos. No harmful chemicals, colors, or fragrances. Our doggos were clean. All their coats were so fluffy and soft! One of the few grooming products I trust!
-Diane, Mom to Riley, Pup, and Kane

Our cedar, peppermint, eucalyptus and aloe conditioning dog shampoo is recommended for dogs of all skin types - from normal to dry skin.

  • Peppermint and aloe work in tandem to naturally balance oily skin and restore moisture to dry and itchy skin.
  • Our cedar dog shampoo for fleas works naturally without any synthetic chemicals
  • Cedar has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties to help with yeast and other skin issues
  • An excellent deodorizing dog shampoo to get rid of that doggy smell!
  • Eucalyptus provides relief of bug bites and skin irritation 

The organic guar gum that makes this formulation thicker detangles and conditions your dog's coat while the organic oils moisturize and promote healthy skin.

Our holistic essential oil blend is gentle and easy to lather and rinse.

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What's In the Bottle?


Catch Dog. Shake bottle to blend ingredients. Wet your 4-Legger with warm water from head to the end of their tail. Apply 4-Legger to the palm of your hand and apply to your pet.

While the consistency is thin, you will find that you need only a small amount to cover your dog and that it lathers quite well!  To increase suds, use more water - not shampoo.

Gently massage 4-Legger deep into your pet's coat. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

A few tips if you are new to organic dog shampoo:

Your dog will likely go through a perfectly normal transition period. Don't worry - we've documented what you can expect - click here to read!  To increase the lather, use more water - not shampoo.Consider adding one of our foamer bottles to your order!  It will help you manage the thin consistency by infusing air into the shampoo, as well as keep you from using more than is needed to wash your dog.  

Note:  Use care around your pet's eyes. To wash your pet's face - use a wash cloth.

The simple answer is all the bad stuff you find in traditional dog shampoo!

4-Legger is committed to clean ingredients so you won't find any synthetic chemicals in our dog shampoo!

Check out our deep dive ingredient blog or read about our commitment to you to learn more about the ingredients you'll never find in any 4-Legger product!

We used organic guar gum in this formulation to make it thicker to help condition and detangle your dog's coat but also to help trap fleas, giving more time for the cedar and peppermint to work!

With all essential oils, making sure they are high quality, unadulterated, and diluted properly is vital for safety.

All of the essential oils we use in our shampoos (including peppermint) are safe for your dog.

We do not recommend using this blend on cats as they do not like peppermint.

Wagging Tail Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
I Love This Shampoo for my Yorkies!!!!

My Puppies now have Beautiful fur and No Longer Scratch!!!! We are All Happy!!! Thank You So Much for Making Such an Awesome Shampoo!!!!

Melanie M.
Great Product

The 4 Legger Shampoos is an excellent product that I will continue using for my dogs. The live up to expectation without the harsh use of chemicals. Great alternative choice to others on the market and it is recommended by professionals in the holistic field of veterinary practice.

Karen S.
Great product for your hiking dogs!

I ordered this shampoo specifically to add that extra protection when hiking in heavily wooded areas. I have three dogs and we are in an area that you would often pick up ticks on your daily hike. This shampoo has helped tremendously in keeping the ticks disinterested in my pack. This is a go to shampoo from now on for tick season and when that’s over we switch over to the lemongrass and aloe just for the wonderful smell!!
No matter which shampoo you choose from 4Legger you won’t go wrong. This company is talked on keeping your animals clean as well as safe!


Customer service is excellent! In the midst of a move when I first move, I mixed up former street address with new town..Melissa was a joy to work with, and the shampoo arrived the day before Cooper & Spencer’s grooming appointment.

When I picked up the boys, our groomer was thrilled with this new shampoo. And, the boys smelled super great! I am so happy that I heard about 4-legger, and took the time to check out the website.

Sherri A.
The best dog shampoo!

This brand is the only one I will use now, I went through the cupboard and threw out the others. The scent of the cedar/peppermint shampoo is not overpowering at all and didn't seem to bother the dogs. It easily makes a beautiful luxurious lather with just a small amount and it rinses off so easily and quickly. Not like some shampoos that don't lather so you use a ton and then you can't get it rinsed out of their fur! So that ease of rinsing makes bathtime that much easier and faster which is a plus because my two dogs HATE bathtime lol! I just bathed my 35 pound Border Collie yesterday and only used a tiny amount even with her thick, longish fur, plenty more baths in that bottle so it's well worth it!