RESTORE - USDA Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse for Dogs

Our USDA Certified Organic apple cider vinegar spray for dogs is packed with beneficial organic herbs and organic essential oils to improve your dog's skin and coat and help restore their natural skin and coat balance. 

Relief from Itchy Skin: Natural astringents and toners clean the skin, pores, and coat of buildup and helps to restore the natural sebum balance of your dog's skin and coat. Spray your dog from the neck down and massage it deeply into your dog's coat. Rinse with water until clear. Note that we do not recommend spraying your dog's face.

Relief for Yeasty Skin: Natural, safe and effective anti-fungals combine to soothe the skin and reduce the presence of bacteria and yeast. Spray your dog from the neck down and massage it deeply into your dog's coat. Rinse with water until clear. Note that we do not recommend spraying your dog's face.

Relief from Fleas:A bath in 4-Legger's Organic Dog Shampoo and followed by a rinse with our apple cider conditioner will kill the fleas and leave your dog with a silky shine.

No More "Frito Feet": If your dog has itchy stinky yeasty feet (otherwise known as Frito feet) you can spray the feet with the ACV rinse 1-2x a day. There’s no need to rinse when using this method which allows these beneficial ingredients to work in between applications.

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears: You can also spray the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and then use it to clean your dog's ears although if your dog really does have an ear infection, please go visit your veterinarian.


What's In The Bottle?

How To Use

1. Shake the bottle to mix contents.

2. Spray or apply the conditioner from your dog's neck down their body avoiding their eyes and face.

3. Gently massage deeply into the coat.

4. Rinse until water runs clear.

5. Towel dry (and reward with a treat!).

You can spray, dip, or rub the ACV rinse on your dog's feet being sure you get between the pads where yeast likes to hide.

We recommend doing a 24 hour "spot test" by spraying a small area on your dog and monitor for any redness.

We've not found a dog yet that is sensitive but just like humans, dog's can have sensitivities and we prefer to be overly cautious.

This product is for external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Amy S.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse for Dogs: I have a large itchy dog and a small itchy dog. I got the big bottle with the spray attachment. I squirt it on and rub it in and it does the job! I do wish the on-off switch on the squirter were configured differently, as my thumb pushes it to the off position every time I try to spray it. I also wish the sprayer had more than just a single setting -- all it does now is squirt a stream of the product. It would be nice to have it do a wider spray, also. Even with the problems I encounter with the sprayer, I have to say again, it's a great product.

Vicky M.

I was looking for a product for my Yorkie that would help his dry itchy skin. After reading about several different companies I decided 4legger sounded just what I was searching for. I have only used the shampoo and conditioner once since receiving it, but after only one use my Yorkies skin was much less dry and he isn't scratching all the time.So after one use I was very pleased and I am sure my dog is happier and feeling much better.
Than you

Kristel S.
Made a HUGE difference!

My Bostie has been suffering with a rash on his belly for months. His diet is great, his coat is beautiful, but the rash persisted. I sent an email with a photo, and Melissa actually CALLED ME (talk about customer service!) and recommended this, along with the cooling shampoo. I was cautiously optimistic, but now I’m legitimately pleased. The rash is actually, finally, omg, HEALING. Melissa, thank you so much for helping my little guy. With gratitude! ❤️

Florence D.
Best Shampoo for my long haired Dashund

Wow what a difference, the smell is incredibly wonderful and my 4 dogs can verify!!
Their fur is softer and they look beautiful and fluffy.
They are definitely not as itchy.
The shampoo is even great for my short haired terrier.
I just cannot go back to shampoos that claim to be helping their skin and coat as they get thick and gummy.
They are easy to brush and happy to have it done now.
Thank you 4Legger

Great product

Used the apple cider vinegar rinse for the first time and Todo s coat never looked so good. Todo has bad skin allergies and although hevis on allergy shots and apoquil it is c still an uphill battle. I was excited to find your v product as I have heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for itchy dogs. We bathe Todo every 3 days sobI,m looking forward to see how your conditioner performs long term. Also, I m looking forward to trying your other products.