USDA Certified Organic Lavender Dog Deodorizing Spray - Relax

Designed to be used in-between baths, our lavender dog deodorant is a simple blend of purified water, organic essential oil, and organic oils crafted to provide a light mist of essential oils on your dog with oils that help your dog's coat and skin stay moisturized without leaving them an oily mess!

Our safe and non-toxic lavender touch up spray can also be used as a calming mist and freshener for your dog's bed and favorite blanket - keeping them safe from toxic commercial freshening products.

The sweet floral scent of the lavender in this blend of our organic dog touch up spray helps to calm the mind and encourage skin healing. 

Packaged in Miron glass bottles to allow only infrared and UVA light (ultraviolet light) to penetrate. Its natural ability to block unwanted light helps to retain these high quality organic ingredients from perishing in sunlight, thus increasing shelf life and allowing us to eliminate harmful preservatives in the formulation. Very few companies use this glass due to the high cost. We know the extra expense is worth the cost so you don't spray toxic preservatives on your dog! The bottles are re-usable and recyclable.

A perfect compliment to use with our USDA organic lavender dog shampoo.


What's In The Bottle?

Customer Reviews

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Ann i.C.V.
Best Dog Shampoo Ever Used

I’ve had Golden Retrievers for over 40 years and this 4-Legger shampoos is by far the best I have ever used. I am so happy I tried. Here’s why: 1) Love the smell - so fresh. 2) Takes very little mixed in water. I can get EIGHT thorough 60 Lb Golden Ret shampoos out of the 16oz bottle. 3) It has a very nice feel to my hands while bathing them - reeks quality. 4) Rinses like a dream! Easy to rinse off - and you can easily tell when all the product is off. 5) There is no build up left on the coat - clean, silky, and my dogs feel clean longer with this shampoo. I’ve shared this find with several friends and encourage you to try, too!

Faith O.
One of my favorites!

Both of my dogs are seniors so can get "old dog smell" occasionally. Since baths are hard on them, this spray works great in between. I also spritz the bedroom and their bedding to help calm them at night and during stressful times. I love this company, their products and their commitment to keeping pets safe and stink free!

Lorraine A.
Multiple ways to use!

I love that you can use the lavender spray for different things. I have sprayed our dogs’ blankets and beds, I have used it to freshener up throws they like to lay on and I have freshened my dogs when the have been out running and playing and need a bath but I don’t have the time to give them one at that moment. They do not mind the smell or being sprayed.

Cheryl T.
Love this spray😊❤️

I really love after brushing my dogs every day then using this spray. Knowing it is all organic is the best thing ever

Great Product

The fragrance is lovely and very gentle. Not only do I use it for my dogs and their pillows at bedtime, but I also spray my own pillows.

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