Want the Best Dog Shampoo? You Want Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

6 Reasons Why Certified Organic Dog Shampoo Is Better

Finding the best organic dog shampoo should be easy.

Your key to success is in knowing one simple fact: The FDA does not regulate the term "organic" in pet grooming products.  In fact, no one does. That's right - nobody.

Any manufacturer who develops pet grooming products can use the word "organic" on their product label or in the company name to trick you into thinking their product is organic when in fact, it is not!

Manufacturers are so good at developing these fake marketing claims that most pet parents can't tell the difference between a true organic shampoo and an imposter. Take our short quiz to see if you can tell the difference by looking at the labels

Why is it so important to find a true organic dog shampoo?

6 Reason Why You Want Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

  1. Certified organic dog shampoo does not contain synthetic ingredients. "Naturally derived from coconut" is one of many synthetic ingredients in pet grooming products. Synthetic ingredients are linked with a multitude of health issues including allergies, dry and itchy skin, hormone disruption, cancer, and organ toxicity. Many manufacturers mix a few certified organic ingredients with synthetic ingredients and claim to be organic. Make no mistake, It is not.
  2. Your dog's largest organ is their skin - take care of it!  Assaulting your dog's largest organ (their skin) with toxic ingredients will have a long term impact on their overall health and your wallet!  What is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in dogs?  Skin cancer.  
  3. Certified organic dog shampoo uses natural essential oils for scent instead of artificial fragrance. Artificial fragrances have links to allergies, skin irritation, and organ system toxicity. Synthetic dog shampoos also contain ingredients that increase the penetration through the skin - making it easier for these ingredients to impact your dog's internal organs. The essential oils in certified organic dog shampoo naturally provide scent while providing healthy benefits. Did you know lemongrass is a natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal? Learn more about lemongrass
  4. You're Wasting Your Money if You Don't Buy Certified Organic! Manufacturers saw that higher quality certified organic products get 20% more money per bottle so they changed their marketing to make their synthetic dog shampoo look more natural and organic (greenmarketing) without changing a single ingredient. They changed the label - not the ingredients!  Is that really who you want to trust your dog's health to?  There is a reason certified organic products are more expensive - they are higher quality. Paying more for a fake is a waste of your money and keeps your pet at risk.
  5. Low Environmental Impact. Certified organic products are free from toxic pesticides and herbicides that contaminate our planet. 
  6. Certified Organic Products are Regulated and are Required to List Ingredients!  Many pet parents ask us "Where are the rest of the ingredients, the ones you haven't listed?" Our response, "They are all listed as required by the National Organics Program." Manufacturers that are not certified organic are NOT required to list ingredients and they can make their ingredients sound better than they are like listing "a proprietary blend of cleaners and moisturizers" instead of saying "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate". 

The fact that you've taken the time to learn the difference between an organic imposter and a true organic product says a lot about the love you have for your dog and that you truly care about the health of your best friend.

We started 4-Legger after losing a dog to cancer. It was easy to find better treats and food but it wasn't easy to find a truly safe dog shampoo. Greenmarketing made us so angry we started our own company to educate pet parents about marketing practices, ingredients, and to offer safe and non-toxic products pet parents could trust. Learn more about 4-Legger!   Our belief in product integrity and ingredient purity is the cornerstone of our mission.

    We get it. Finding a true organic dog shampoo is hard. That's why we've made it easy!

    4-Legger develops certified organic dog shampoo in compliance with the National Organics Program using the highest quality ingredients selected for safety and low environmental impact.

    Give your dog naturally healthy skin and coat with 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo and save 20% on your first order!  

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