Reviews of 4-Legger Organic Pet Products from Real Customers

Like any new e-commerce store, when 4-Legger launched our organic dog shampoo company in 2015, we had no reviews. 

We had talked to veterinarians and pet parents when developing our formulations and they were really excited to have a truly safe and natural dog shampoo option.

When our first 4 reviews came in from purchases on our store, we were thrilled. 

We've kept those reviews on this page so we can look back on them and see just how far our little company has come from developing an idea to revolutionizing the pet grooming industry with a truly safe and non-toxic national dog shampoo without synthetic chemicals! 

The first four reviews in our store answered that question for us.

Here they are. 

I am a small animal veterinarian with 19 years of experience in the field, and this is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHAMPOO! I just bathed my bristly-coated terrier mix with this shampoo. I was first delightfully surprised by the most delicious scent--clean and fresh and still lingering on my own hands 30 minutes later (can you please make this in a perfume, too?). It lathered really well and rinsed quite easily, leaving her coat soft but with no sort of residue. Her coat is glossy and the white patches are white as can be. This will definitely go on my clinic shelf! I am thrilled to have a safe, effective, organic option to offer my clients and patients and could not be more excited about this product!
Fantastic all-natural grain-free shampoo. I couldn't find anything like this in the UK for my terrier with atopic dermatitis. The chemical-laden shampoo my vet recommended exasperated the problem and an oatmeal based one didn't calm the itching (I feed him a grain-free diet, so it makes sense to avoid grains topically too). Amazingly fast service considering this was their first UK order (arrived within a few days). After first use my border terrier slept through the night, smelt naturally fresh and the itching has subsided. I am thrilled and will recommend this to anyone looking to help heal their pet naturally. (I am also supplementing daily with evening primrose oil, fish oil and feeding Orijen 6 fish and am already seeing great results)
Just bathed two of our dogs with this shampoo, one with a long coat, one a short. Fantastic shampoo! Great scent but not perfume-y, just light and fresh. It lathered VERY well and--this is the important thing to me during dog bathing--it rinses out easily. No oily residue, just clean dog. We had none of that post-bath itchiness from dry skin. Made in the US with NO chemicals, just natural ingredients, which is what our dogs deserve. Highly recommended!
By John
Full disclosure: I do not have a lot of experience with dog shampoos since we have never had to bathe our dogs. We have Cairn terriers in an urban setting and they do not have a yard to get gloriously dirty in. But recently our oldest, Mose - an 11 year old male, has been suffering from dry skin so we thought we'd try out a bath every now and then. I wasn't sure what kind of shampoo I wanted but I know what I *didn't* want and reading the ingredient list of some is a bit scary if they had an ingredient list at all! I don't like to be told something is all-natural I want to see what's actually in the stuff and what I'm putting on my dog. The 4-Legger label spelled it all out 100% so I gave it a shot.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the very nice faint smell of lemon and rosemary. It was a bit thinner that I expected and I doubted it was going to lather well as a result but I was really surprised how well it did- lathered up very nicely. A little really does go a long way. I can really appreciate 4-Legger not adding surfactants to make it an artificially thicker shampoo. It felt good and cool and Mose was loving every minute it. The thing I enjoyed most was the blend of fragrances once it is lathered up. It really was an aromatherapeutic experience for me and I enjoyed it lingering on my hands and made them softer, too. It rinsed off easily and with a quick toweling Mose was good to go. And boy did he go! Streaking through the house, tail wagging, doing his Cairn yodels! After dancing a few jigs he conked out and slept like a champion. He's obviously sold and I am too. Well done, 4-Legger!
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