Instagram Brand Advocate Search!

The 4-Legger Brand Advocate Search is now open to dogs and their humans! 

4-Legger Brand Advocate Search How It Works: 
  • If you have over 500 followers on Instagram, you can enter for a chance to help us spread 4-Legger's mission by taking and posting pictures of your dog(s) with our products [Other animals may also appear with dogs such as cats, horses, pigs, humans, etc.]
  • If selected, you get free products for taking pictures of your dog with our product
  • Your Instagram account must be public (or we can't see your images)
  • Your mailing address must be within the United States 

What You Get If You Are Selected: 

  • A free 4-Legger product of our choosing for each month you are our brand advocate
  • Most advocates will receive one product each month for 3 months
  • We will feature you on Instagram, Facebook, and
  • You help us spread the mission of safe and non-toxic ingredients to reduce the exposure of environmental toxins on dogs 

What You Do If You Are Selected:

  • You take high quality well lit pictures of your dog(s) with the free products we send you and you post them to your Instagram account and tag us with "@4leggerz" and "#4leggerhealthybath"

What You Get If You Aren't Selected: 

  • You entered but weren't selected. Bummer.
  • We only select Brand Advocates 4x each year so there is a lot of competition!
  • You are still a 4-Legger Enthusiast and we appreciate you taking your time to enter! 
  • To show our thanks, we will be sending you a one time use 20% off coupon that you can use anytime over the next 6 months

What We Get: 

  • High quality well lit photos of your dog(s) with our products that we can use in marketing materials
  • We have your consent to use your images across all of our social media accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) as well as our website and other advertising channels

How to Enter:

  • Follow us on Instagram @4leggerz
  • Fill out the application (below)
  • Repost the image (above) on Instagram and tag it with @4leggerz and #4leggersearch
  • Tag at least 3 recent photos that you took of your dog and posted to your Instagram account with #4leggersearch


The next Brand Representative will be selected on a rolling basis!