Made By Holistic and Integrative Veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shelton

Frequently Asked Questions


As a veterinarian, it was important for Dr. Shelton to create all of our products knowing they might be used along with traditional and other holistic treatments!

Dr. Shelton has used all of the animalEO products, with almost every combination of medications and treatments you can imagine – and only see synergistic results!

This really varies with each individual essential oil or blend.

If the oil is very thin, more drops are often associated with a given liquid measurement.  

On average you can expect approximately 85-100 drops in a 5mL bottle, and 300 or so drops in a 15mL bottle.  These estimates are not exact, nor guaranteed.  

There are also different sized holes (orifices) that can be used for the dropper inserts, and this also controls the size of the drop and how fast it flows from a bottle.

Many of the essential oils are available in a larger size (15 mL). Please contact us for a special order!

NEAT means it is not diluted with a carrier oil. It is developed for diffusion or needs to be mixed before use. You can dilute it in our organic shampoo, water or a carrier oil.

RTU means ready to use! You can put it directly on your 4-Legger!