Healing Balm That Works For All Dry Skin: Paws, Nose, and More

      4-Legger Healing Balm is your furry friend's ultimate solution for dry, cracked paw pads, dry nose, and dry skin.

      Our carefully crafted, all-natural formula is specially designed to combat common dry skin problems.

      Enriched with nourishing ingredients like Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Carnauba Wax our paw balm provides intense hydration and relief to your pet's dry skin. Whether your dog is a frequent walker, a trailblazer, or just loves to frolic in the great outdoors, our balm is packed with the healing power of organic herbs and oils, promoting optimal moisturized skin wherever it is needed. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to smooth, moisturized paw pads with 4-Legger Paw Balm – the trusted choice for pet owners who prioritize the well-being of their furry companions. Discover the natural difference today!

      Our USDA Certified Organic nose and dog paw balm is fast acting to quickly moisturize and restore your dog's dry skin, relieve hot spots, and repair skin conditions. It can also help with scar reduction, wound healing, and bug bites.

      Made with non-GMO USDA certified organic ingredients, our dog paw wax features organic carnauba wax to protect your dog's paws from the elements like snow, ice, hot pavement, and more. 

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