Can Your Dog's Shampoo Pass the Quiz?

If you use 4-Legger's USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo on your dog, you don't need to worry about ingredients! 

We started 4-Legger after doing our own thorough review on dog shampoos. We found that only about 2% of dog shampoos on the market really are all natural and organic - containing no synthetic or artificial ingredients.

Take Our Quiz to see if your organic dog shampoo is synthetic chemical free!We saw a LOT of manufacturers who would take a few certified organic ingredients and mix them with synthetics and try to pass the product off as "organic".

We also saw companies that use organic in the name of their product or as part of their company name but when we reviewed the ingredients, we found they too contained synthetic ingredients. 

Quite simply, we discovered the words "natural" and "organic" are being used as marketing terminology to get the consumer to buy a product.

Our short 7 question quiz will help you to figure out if your dog's shampoo lives up to its claims!

Go grab your dog's shampoo bottle! When you're ready, click the button below! 

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