Are Any of the Ingredients Greenwashed?

A common marketing trick is using "green" sounding phrases instead of listing the actual ingredients. 

Check the ingredients panel for these popular "greenwashed" phrases? 

  • Ignore Greenmarketed Ingredients to Find an Organic Dog ShampooProprietary blend: Don't fall for this trick. A manufacturer doesn't have to disclose the percentages of their ingredients but they should be willing to disclose what they are using. If they don't, you simply can't trust them. 
  • Naturally derived: This means the ingredients were originally from nature - like a coconut, but then were put through chemical reactions resulting in a synthetic (artificial) substance. It is NOT natural!
  • Plant based or Plant derived: Just like "naturally derived" - this ingredient started out as something found in nature but was put through a series of chemical reactions resulting in a synthetic (artificial) substance.  Manufacturers started using this terminology after consumers began to catch on to what "naturally derived" actually meant! 
  • All natural surfactants: Another phrase that means "synthetic ingredient". 
  • Coconut based: Yet another phrase that means "synthetic ingredient". 

Do you see any "green" language in lieu of actual ingredients? If you see ONLY actual ingredient names, click the button, below!

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