Are all of the ingredients listed on your dog's shampoo bottle?

Is there an ingredients panel?

If there isn't an ingredient panel, you shouldn't use the product on your dog. Manufacturers that don't list ingredients don't deserve to have your trust. 

I've found an ingredients panel.

Great! We can look the ingredients to determine if they have links to health issues or raise ingredient concerns!

The first question we need to ask now that you've found the ingredients panel is:  are all of the ingredients that are in the bottle listed on the bottle?

How do you know if all of the ingredients are listed? You don't, but you can look for text that may indicate the list is complete.

Greenwashed phrases like "key ingredients" would indicate that not all of the ingredients are listed, only those that the manufacturer thinks may best sell their product.

Pet Shampoo Ingredients Are the Key To Finding a Truly Organic Dog ShampooWhile manufacturers may have proprietary formulations, they should list their ingredients. The formulations only reflect the amount of each ingredient used - not a trade secret. Don't fall for the "proprietary" trick.  It simply means there is something the manufacturer doesn't want you to know because if you did, you probably wouldn't buy it.

If it looks like all of the ingredients are listed on the bottle - click the button - below!

It Looks Like All Ingredients Are Listed!

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