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Why You Should Care About Nitrosamines in Dog Shampoo

You've heard of nitrosamines in food. If you're a bacon eater searching for healthier bacon you've likely searched for and purchased nitrate free bacon.  So what does bacon have to do with dog shampoo?

In recent years, scientists have been studying the breakdown of shampoo and household cleaners when exposed to chloramine - a common disinfectant used at wastewater treatment plants. They have found nitrosamines, which are suspected cancer-causing toxins in the water supplies that receive water from affected sewage treatment plants. 

A similar breakdown and chemical reaction can occur in your dog's shampoo bottle. Dog shampoo that contains Diethanolamine (DEA) or Triethanolamine (TEA) can react with certain preservatives creating nitrosamines. 

Nitrosamines are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity even at low exposure.  You don't want them in your bacon or anything else you plan to consume or apply to your body.  You certainly don't want them in your dog's shampoo.

You would think, knowing the risk of nitrosamines that manufacturers wouldn't mix these ingredients together. Well, they do. In fact, there is a surprising number of dog shampoos on the market that have DEA or TEA combined with preservatives that are very likely to form nitrosamines. 

As an aside, while you can search for diethenolamine free dog shampoo, DEA free dog shampoo, triethanolamine free dog shampoo and TEA free dog shampoo, you can't search for "nitrosamine free dog shampoo" since it is not an actual ingredient but rather, a byproduct of ingredients in the bottle.

4-Legger organic dog shampoo has zero risk of the formation of nitrosamines. Our shampoos are USDA Certified Organic and adhere to strict regulatory standards.  It is safe and non-toxic. Period!

Give your dog a healthy bath with 4-Legger!

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