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What Does Saponification Mean? The Key to Pure and Natural Dog Shampoo


Do you ever come across the term "saponification" in dog shampoo ingredient lists and wonder what it means?

Saponification is an essential process that transforms vegetable or plant oils into luxurious soap, providing numerous benefits for your furry friend's skin and coat. In this article, we will delve deeper into the science behind saponification and its significance in creating the purest and highest quality dog shampoos, with a focus on our exceptional 4-Legger products.

Saponification refers to the process by which a vegetable or plant oil is turned into soap! It's a simple reaction that occurs when an oil, like coconut, olive or jojoba is mixed with an alkali and results in two products: soap and glycerin. 

Literally, saponification means "soap-making" and oils are chosen based on what the final properties of soap is desired. For instance, if you saponify coconut oil, the result is a very bubbly and glycerin-rich soap. Glycerin is an important product for its usefulness in helping retain moisture and prevent dry, itchy skin. Olive oil creates a very creamy soap that is rich with antioxidants. 

Over the last 300 years, the alkali used in the soap-making process has evolved significantly. Today, natural forms of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are commonly employed. Sodium hydroxide leads to the creation of solid bar soaps, while potassium hydroxide results in soft or liquid soaps. The chemical reaction continues until all the alkali is fully consumed, leaving no trace in the final product. At this point, glycerin is reintroduced into the soap base, resulting in the purest and most natural dog shampoo you can find.

At 4-Legger, we are dedicated to utilizing the highest quality ingredients to craft dog shampoos of unparalleled purity. Our commitment to excellence ensures that not only will your four-legged companion experience the remarkable difference in their skin and coat, but you, as a pet owner, will also notice the exceptional results. Discover the distinctive qualities that set our dog shampoos apart from all others on the market and provide your furry friend with the ultimate bathing experience.

In case you wanted to know the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of our dog shampoo products, rest assured that we prioritize transparency and provide detailed ingredient information to guarantee the utmost trust and satisfaction.

Base Oils

  • Avocado Oil = Persea gratissima 
  • Coconut Oil = Cocos nucifera 
  • Hemp Seed Oil = Cannabis sativa 
  • Jojoba = Simmondsia chinensis 
  • Olive Oil = Olea europaea
  • Palm Kernel Oil = Elaeis guineensis 

Saponified Oils

  • Coconut Oil = Sodium cocoate (bar)
  • Coconut OIl = Potassium cocoate (liquid)
  • Olive Oil = Sodium olivate (bar)
  • Olive Oil = Potassium Olivate (liquid)
  • Jojoba Oil = Sodium jojobate (solid)
  • Jojoba Oil = Potassium jojobate (liquid)
  • Palm Oil = Sodium palmate (bar)
  • Palm Kernel = Sodium Palm kernelate (liquid)