The Dog Nutrition Summit with Dr Judy Morgan 4-Legger Shampoo

Don't Miss The FREE Dog Nutrition Summit Starting November 4th Sponsored in Part by 4-Legger

What does good nutrition and good dog shampoo have in common? 

Safe, healthy ingredients. It's that simple! 

Many times every week a customer contacts us to talk about their dog's skin issues and we inevitability end up talking about the food and treats they are eating, among other things. 

We can quickly identify a dog with a high carbohydrate diet based on how their skin health is described.

We have educated for years that the 3 things which must be in place in order to have the best chance of raising, a healthy dog for a long life: Nutrition, Vaccination Protocols, and Using Safe, non-toxic, and All Natural Topicals (such as shampoos and other grooming products that become a dog’s normal routine).

All three areas are so intertwined that we jumped at this opportunity to offer this amazing educational event addressing the nutrition component to our 4-Legger pack! 

We are SO EXCITED to announce 4-Legger is sponsoring, in part, a new, educational event called The Dog Nutrition Summit and it BEGINS FRIDAY, November 4th!

Dog Nutrition Summit Hosted by Dr. Judy Morgan 

This ONLINE virtual summit hosted by highly regarded, holistic veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan is FREE to watch during the live event between November 4-8th! 

Dr. Judy and her 23+ expert panel will dive deep into the following topics: 

  • Why proper nutrition is critical to your dog’s health
  • The truth behind the false information perpetuated by big pet food companies
  • What supplements and nutritional toppers are important (and ones to avoid)
  • How to choose the right diet that works for you and your dog no matter what budget you’re on

You won't want to miss this free event!

This summit is designed for pet owners who are looking for ways to feed their dog a healthy, species-appropriate diet that will ensure optimal health well into their later years and help with skin issues in conjunction with safe, non toxic shampoo such as 4-Legger. 

You can get started right now by registering and when you do, you’ll also get early access information regarding the 4-Legger promotion we will be running during the live event. This is one of our biggest discounts of the year!

Dog Nutrition Summit Hosted by Dr. Judy Morgan

The line-up of incredible speakers at this summit includes many top holistic veterinarians such as:

  • Dr. Barbara Royal
  • Dr. Nick Thompson
  • Dr. Conor Brady
  • Dr. Gary Richter
  • Dr. Katie Woodley
  • Dr. Ava Frick
  • Kimberly Gauthier
  • Dr. Kendra Pope
  • and many more! 
This event is absolutely FREE for a limited time (November 4-8) plus it’s completely online so there’s nothing stopping you from joining!  You will also have an opportunity to purchase the content at a very reasonable price if you decide this information needs to be in your toolbox for future reference, but there is no cost to register and no cost to watch the live event in full. How awesome is that?

When you register you will also unlock these complimentary gifts:

  • “6 Ways To Improve Your Pet’s Health Naturally” Guide by Dr. Judy Morgan
  • “Dog Shampoo Ingredient Database" guide by 4-Legger
  • ‘Raw Feeding Cheat Sheet” by Raw Dog Food & Company
  • “All About Nutraceuticals & The Benefits of Supplements” Masterclass by Dr. Judy Morgan
  • The Dog Nutrition Summit Playbook

There is also a kick-off event, with an amazing panel of experts this Thursday, November 3rd at 6pm EST. 

Register now to make sure you’re ready to learn from these expert talks!

We'll see you at this very important educational event!