Does Your Dog's Shampoo Contain Artificial Fragrance?

Like colors, often synthetic fragrances aren't listed on the label.

Artificial fragrance can come from hundreds to thousands of separate ingredients – none of which have to be listed on the label. In addition to allergies and skin sensitivities, some synthetic fragrances have been linked to cancer as well as reproductive and developmental toxicity.

If the bottle doesn't list essential oils as being present, smell it to see if you can detect any scent. Chances are, it will have something!

Natural dog shampoo doesn't smell like tropical islands, perfume, cherries and almonds, or green apples.

If listed, you may see "Fragrance", "Parfum", "Fragrance oil".

We have seen manufacturers try to pass off artificial fragrance as "fragrance oil" to make it look and sound more like essential oil.

How did you do? Do you see any of these on your dog's shampoo bottle? 

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