Is Biodegradable Organic Dog Shampoo Safe to Use in Outdoor Water Sources?

Is Biodegradable Organic Dog Shampoo Safe to Use in Outdoor Water Sources?

We're sure you noticed there are a lot of manufacturers who claim they have the best organic dog shampoo.

You do some research and discover synthetic chemicals in their products.

If you are like us, the presence of anything artificial or synthetic in the product negates the claim that the dog shampoo is all natural or organic. 

Before we learned about the presence of artificial and synthetic chemicals in our dog's shampoo, we too fell into the marketing trap.

It made us so angry, we dedicated our lives to developing safe and non-toxic, true all natural organic dog shampoo pet parents can trust! 

We recently saw a manufacturer claim that their organic biodegradable dog shampoo was safe to use in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and other outdoor water sources.

Really? No. That is a false statement written by someone who clearly doesn't understand science or what biodegradable means. 

What is Biodegradable Dog Shampoo?

Biodegradable means that all of the ingredients in the product can be broken down naturally by biological agents, namely bacteria, and do so in a manner that is safe for the environment.

A dog shampoo is generally thought to be biodegradable so long as at least 90% breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and biological material within six months.  

Do you want biodegradable dog shampoo?

Yes! Since biodegradable dog shampoo can break down into natural elements that are environmentally friendly it is safer for our planet and can be more readily processed through water treatment plants. 

The key element needed for the breakdown is soil and bacteria in the soil!

Biodegradable shampoo does not break down in water. Liquids can't biodegrade in water. 

In fact, if you put dog shampoo into the water that wasn't truly all natural, dog shampoo in water can have a negative impact on aquatic life. 

Good news is - 4-Legger's dog shampoos are 100% biodegradable and made with all natural ingredients - but they do need soil to break down because they are a liquid! 

More good news - our dog shampoo IS organic (USDA Certified Organic). That means there is 3rd party validation of our products. Everything that goes in the bottle can be traced back to the field it was grown in! 

Biodegradable Dog Shampoo and Camping With Your Dog

Does that mean you can't bathe your dog while out camping after they rolled in that pile of nasty muck?

Of course you can bathe your dog outdoors! You just need to practice the same precautions you'd take when you bathe yourself outdoors, use a portable shower at least 200 feet away from outdoor water sources, and let the wash water drain into the ground so it can be safely broken down! 

We have a lot of campers who take 4-Legger organic dog shampoo with them to wash both their dogs and themselves! 

Learn more about our organic dog shampoo!

We source with sustainably grown non-GMO ingredients. Dog shampoo that is good for you, your dog, and our planet!