An Act of Dog: World Premier on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

An Act of Dog: World Premier on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Warning: An emotionally charged topic that will compel you to watch and take action!

One of my Facebook friends recently posted this picture on their wall. My first thought was "People do that?" I had no idea. 

I knew shelters were full. I knew this national tragedy was happening. We had partnered with 2TravelingDogs to bring awareness to this tragedy and to Make Rescues the Breed of Choice©.

Even with all of my education on the topic, I had no idea the staggering number of dogs and cats in shelters being euthanized every day ... every single day.

Then, 4-Legger got an email from Sagacity Productions about “An Act of Dog” - a documentary project of Filmmakers Collaborative, a nationally recognized 501(c)3 serving the independent filmmaking community.  The documentary has been produced in partnership with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). They were seeking funding sponsors to bring this project to the screen and create education and awareness and put an end to this national tragedy.

We looked at the request and then talked to the producer at Sagacity Productions. The more we learned the more we knew we had to support it.

The movie, An Act of Dog, tells the story of Marina Dervan and her partner Mark Barone.

Marina discovered that nearly 5,500 dogs are euthanized EVERY DAY at shelters across the country. 

Mark, an artist from Louisville, Kentucky set out to paint the 5,500 dogs – each with their name and kill date – as a call to action to end this horrific practice.  This powerful and moving documentary tells a story that is very difficult to face as the numbers are utterly staggering.  You will be changed forever.

4-Legger is humbled by the opportunity to provide funding to SagaCity Productions to help bring this movie to the public.

Together, we can change the status quo - the national disgrace of a society that claims to value dogs as a part of the family - but abandons them. 

It starts with exposure, education, compassion, empathy, and action. We invite you to learn more about An Act of Dog, and encourage you to look for it to air on your local PBS station.  PBS will be rolling this out in conjunction with their local affiliate schedule.  If you don't see it on your local schedule, keep checking - it will be there soon.