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While we didn't cover every ingredient you may find in dog shampoo in our short quiz, you certainly get the sense that ingredients and the purity of ingredients is important for the long term health of your dog. If you want to learn more about the ingredients in dog shampoo, check out our blog.

Why is Certified Organic Dog Shampoo Important to 4-Legger?

No regulations in the dog grooming industry for purity of ingredients or marketing opens wide the door of confusion for consumers. However, when pet parents use 4-Legger certified organic pet grooming products, the door of confusion is firmly closed!  What does that mean?  

It means you know exactly what you are getting and can rest assured we only the highest quality ingredients in our products.

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo and Paw BalmOur certified organic dog grooming products must comply with both the USDA National Organics Program regulations and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling requirements. 4-Legger wanted this additional scrutiny to demonstrate our commitment to you and to give you the highest level of trust. 
  • Certified organic ingredients are reviewed throughout their lifecycle - from where and how they are grown, harvested, processed, transported, packaged, and shipped.
  • Certified organic ingredients have no GMO ingredients, no pesticides, and no herbicides!

Only truly natural ingredients that are safe and non-toxic go into the bottle! Nothing artificial - nothing synthetic. Only natural colors as well as fragrances from essential oils!

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