Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer

7 Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer

This week we fielded a lot of questions from dog owners about ingredients. We loved it! 

We did see a repeating theme:  Thinking about your dog as a whole system and working to reduce their exposure to environmental toxins with the ultimate goal of lowering their risk to cancer and other health issues such as thyroid dysfunction. 

Many of our customers explored the food their dog eats as a reaction to their dog having an allergy (dry, itchy skin being the most common). This is a great example of looking at your dog as a whole system. What goes inside them can have an impact on how they look on the outside (dry/flaky skin) or how they act (itching/scratching). 

We put together 7 Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer

  1. Maintain a healthy weight for your dog and feed them high quality food. Want to see if your dog food measures up? This site is a great reference: www.dogfoodadvisor.com 
  2. Maintain good dental health
  3. Lower or eliminate the use of topical flea and tick treatments
  4. Minimize vaccinations and switch to titering after the age of 18-24 months
  5. Reduce or eliminate your dog's exposure to toxic lawn and weed yard treatments
  6. Wait to spay or neuter until 18-24 months old (while being responsible to avoid unwanted litters)
  7. Reduce exposure to toxic grooming products by using 4-Legger certified organic dog shampoo!

This week Dogs Naturally Magazine posted a blog post we wrote that highlighted the 20 ingredients you do not want in your dog's shampoo. One of the comments in the Facebook page was from someone who wrote, "I've used Pert on myself for years. How long do I have?"  While sarcastic, I admit to laughing. 

As I was laughing to that comment, the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was Sharon who had lost three dogs to cancer. She wanted a list of EVERYTHING she could do to lower the risk of cancer on the latest addition to her family, a labrador. 

The fact is, there is a very strong probability that your dog will die from cancer if you don't work to lower their risk. Only 5% of dog cancers are genetic; the remaining 95% are environmental and lifestyle. 

Start today by using the infographic to lower your dog's exposure to environmental toxins.

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo is an easy step you can take to lower your dog's exposure to toxins in grooming products.