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Itchy, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 2 - Food!

Your dog is still itchy? Might be time to look at the food you are feeding them!

Feeding your dog a low quality diet results in your dog not getting the essential nutrients that make their skin healthy and their coat shiny.  As a result, your dog may have itchy, red, or flaky skin.  

There are as many options on dog food as there are dog breed (maybe more)~ Many people now choose to feed their dog a raw food diet so they can have ultimate control over the quality of the ingredients.

It all comes down to quality ingredients and making choices that are right for you, your dog, and your wallet.

Here are two great references for selecting a dog food:

Of course, you can feed them a raw diet at home and buy the ingredients at your local grocery when you buy your own groceries! Whatever you decide to do, focus on the ingredients as they have a direct impact on the health of your fur baby! 

In Part 3 (coming up next week) we'll look at how allergies may be causing your dog dry and itchy skin!