4-Legger's Gentle Cleaning Paves the Way for Naturally Healthy Skin and Coat

4-Legger's Gentle Cleaning Paves the Way for Naturally Healthy Skin and Coat

TailsnTubs in Salisbury, Maryland made the switch to use only 4-Legger organic dog shampoo in their pet grooming and self wash stations to offer truly all natural and organic products to their customers.

TailsnTubs wanted to feel good about the ingredients they were using on their customers. With 4-Legger, they use a safe and non-toxic dog shampoo that has NO synthetic or artificial chemicals! With 4-Legger, they have the safest and best dog shampoo on the market! 

We asked TailsnTubs to document the biggest changes they have noticed since making the switch to 4-Legger. 

TailsnTubsHere is what they had to say: 

"The first thing we see when bathing with 4-Legger is the removal of the build-up left by traditional dog shampoo that often starves skin of much needed oxygen. 4-Legger removes the years of oils and contaminant build up that occurs over the pup’s lifetime - leaving their natural skin and coat to shine through. 

We love that 4-Legger is so gentle on the coat and skin. It will not completely strip the skin of its protective properties, nor does it irritate (even with allergies and sensitive skin). The gentle cleansing paves the way for the dog's skin to heal naturally. After the pup has had their bath, the coat is usually naturally soft; where a conditioner is not necessary. We can actually enjoy the natural beauty of their fur! 

One thing we do hear from our customers is that their dog's coat isn't as "shiny" as they have been accustomed to immediately after being groomed. This is a good thing! We refuse to use additives, chemicals, or anything not 100% natural; what our clients see when they pick up their fur baby is their clean, beautiful self!

Many customers don't realize the traditional grooming products that make the dog appear all shiny almost always wear off several days after their groom. What remains are harmful residues that may lead to cancer and other health problems like hormone imbalance and itchy allergy skin.

Yes - dog shampoo can CAUSE your dog's itchy skin!  We feel this is a dis-service to the families that put their trust in us. It is important to discuss long term health care planning with our clients and explain why the ingredients that are in their shampoo really do matter. 

With regular bathing, we see reductions in skin inflammation, yeast and fungal growth/ coat funk (using 4-Legger Aloe and Lemongrass Organic Dog Shampoo or the 4-Legger Unscented Organic Dog Shampoo), “Frito feet”, among others.

We also see customers who speak to us of reducing or even eliminating the need to use monthly flea and tick treatments. Instead, they regularly bathe with 4-Legger Cedar, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Organic Dog Shampoo or the 4-Legger Aloe and Lemongrass Organic Dog Shampoo.

If we have a family that only bathes their dog once or twice a year, it is very difficult to help with a long term issue.

If the pup has a difficult skin issue, we sometimes recommend a bi-weekly bath until we see improvement. After the problem is under control, we plan monthly bathing, but suggest not more than 6-8 weeks between visits (of course needs can vary based on breed, age, health issues, and location).

Since switching to 4-Legger we have also noticed an improvement with our skin! We no longer have to wear gloves to wash dogs all day! 4-Legger is so gentle and mild on our skin that we leave the grooming shop every day with soft skin! 

We are not licensed veterinarians, and any suggestions provided by us, should be checked with a veterinarian to assess each dog's individual needs."

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo Get Rid of Itchy Skin!

If you are looking for a groomer in Salisbury, MD that uses 4-Legger certified organic dog shampoo - you owe it to your dog to make an appointment with TailsnTubs! They offer cage free grooming, have self wash stations, and put love and care into every groom! 

4-Legger so grateful to have such amazing groomers who partner with us to bring about such incredible change in the pet grooming industry!  Thank you to TailsnTubs for sharing your experiences with us!