4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo for Dry and Itchy Skin

Chloe the Yorkie Who No Longer Has Short Hair and Itchy Skin Thanks to 4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo

Wow. Just wow. While we were working on our case study featuring Charlie we reached out to a few professional groomers who use 4-Legger exclusively to see if they wanted to add anything to our post "What to expect when your dog is transitioning from traditional dog shampoo to certified organic dog shampoo".

Earth Dog Spa & Apawthecary in Lexington, KY quickly replied to our query and brought tears to our eyes. What Earth Dog Spa & Apawthecary shared with us was so good, we had to share it as a stand-alone case study. 

Here it is:  

Earth Dog Spa & Apawthecary Lexington, KYIn our 10+ years in the grooming industry, we have seen many different breeds, coat types, and skin conditions-everything from hot spots and dry skin, to flea bite dermatitis.

We realized after some time in the industry, our clients were looking to us as their pet's skin care professionals, not just as someone who keeps their pups cute and smelling nice.

We felt we owed it to our clients to use grooming products with a purpose, products that could improve the health of their pet's skin and coat, and we felt that a natural product was the answer.

As with many natural products, we found there is sometimes a transitional phase for us as groomers and for dogs with certain coat types. We had become accustomed to using shampoos full of soaps and harmful detergents, which made bath time full of suds and bubbles.

When we switched to 4-legger certified organic shampoos, it took some time to adjust to a less sudsy bath time.

As for coat and skin transitioning in pets, let me tell you about Chloe. Chloe is a yorkie who we have groomed for about four years now. She has struggled with dry skin and an oily coat as long as we've known her. This combination makes it very hard to keep her looking nice between haircuts, and her constant scratching usually brought her back in for a shorter than desired haircut due to the tangles she would get.

Chloe's mom wanted to keep Chloe's hair longer, but understood that it wasn't going to work for Chloe due to her skin issues. We began using 4-Legger on Chloe, and the first bath we were afraid it might not be a good fit for her. She seemed a little waxy and we thought "oh no, the last thing Chloe needs is more oil on her hair!".

When she was dried and brushed out, she looked perfectly fine. After the third bath using 4-Legger, we couldn't believe the difference in Chloe's coat.

We could tell right there in the tub that her coat was rinsing cleaner, and her skin was flake free! We were able to brush her out nicely and made her look super cute with no major length taken off. We told her mom how excited we were to try out a longer hairstyle on Chloe, and asked if she would mind letting her grow out a bit.

Chloe's mom was so excited, and said she had noticed less scratching since that first bath.

Fast forward 6 months later and Chloe has long, beautiful locks. She is no longer scratching herself into tangles and her mom couldn't be happier!

We have also noticed our hands are no longer dry and cracking, and our shampoo supply lasts much longer than conventional grooming shampoos did.

Thank you 4-Longer certified organic shampoos, you are the best!

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo Get Rid of Itchy Skin!

If you are looking for a groomer in Lexington, KY that uses 4-Legger certified organic dog shampoo - you owe it to your dog to make an appointment with Earth Dog Spa & Apawthecary in Lexington, KY 

PS: As a side note, we are so grateful to have such amazing groomers who in partner with us to effect such incredible change in the pet grooming industry!