Sea salt used in 4-Legger's vegan dog toothpaste

Sea Salt

Name:  Sea Salt

Extraction: Evaporating water in ponds from oceans, seas or saltwater lakes

What is Sea Salt? 
Saltwater is exactly what you'd think - salt that is from the ocean, seas or saltwater lakes! 

Sea Salt Actions and Benefits
Sea salt is packed with vital minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper, and zinc among other beneficial elements.

How does Sea Salt work? 
The sea salt provides friction on the gums and teeth while providing vital minerals to help maintain good dental hygiene. The salt also promotes natural salivation by your dog which helps to naturally remove bacteria in their mouth. 

How do we use Sea Salt? 
We use sea salt in our safe and non-toxic dental powder, our vegan dog toothpaste alternative

Is Sea Salt safe? 
It is safe in the amounts we use in our dental powder.