Baking soda in 4-Legger vegan toothpaste | non-toxic toothpaste

Sodium Bicarbonate (Pure Baking Soda)

Baking soda, or pure sodium bicarbonate, comes from a natural mineral called nacholite found in mineral springs and in the earth. The white powder is actually a salt with sodium and bicarbonate ions. As a salt, it has a salty taste. 

For hundreds of years, sodium bicarbonate has been the ingredient in toothpaste that provides mild abrasive action to help remove plaque, polish, whiten, and deodorize teeth and gums. It also neutralizes the production of acid in your dog's mouth. 

In 1997, a study looked at the natural antibacterial abilities of baking soda and found that in high concentration it can kill bacteria.  Combine that with the salt increasing the salivation in your dog's mouth, the natural antibacterials in your dog's saliva work synergistically to help prevent infections. 

The sodium bicarbonate in our Dental Powder is pure - tested to ensure there are no contaminants - completely safe and non-toxic!