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Any-Itis™ NEAT to Support the Reduction of Inflammation by animalEO®

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Every disease has inflammation associated with it. Reducing inflammation is paramount to gaining an upper hand on disease progression. 

Any-Itis NEAT is used orally for dogs that weigh 35 pounds or more.

How to use Any-Itis™ NEAT: 

Any-Itis™ NEAT is to be taken internally for dogs over 35 pounds.

For dog's under 35 pounds, please see Any-Itis RTU

Orally: For dog's over 35 pounds, apply 1-3 drops of Any-Itis™ NEAT to your dog's food twice a day for every 50 pounds of your dog's weight. So, for example if your dog weighs between 35 - 50 pounds use 1-3 drops and if your dog weighs 100 pounds use 3-6 drops. 

When adding to food, start with 1 drop and work your way up to 3 to get your dog used to the taste.

Safe for long term use. 

Any-Itis™ NEAT is safe to be given with other medications, anti-inflammatories, and joint supplements.

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Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaiba officinalis), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Copaiba: A very powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that helps relieve pain and provides pro-healing abilities.

Helichrysum: A natural analgesic and one of the best essential oils for healing, with impressive wound, scar, and injury healing due to it's natural cell regenerative properties. 

Peppermint: Reduces pain and inflammation.

Application Frequency

You can safely apply Any-Itus™ RTU daily and is safe for long term use. 

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