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Dog Breath to Improve Dog Oral Health by animalEO

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Keeping your dog's teeth and gums in good condition is the key to preventing costly dental cleanings or possible extractions. 

Dog Breath along with other good hygiene skills like teeth brushing with 4-Legger's All Natural Dental Powder, bone chewing, and oral examination will show a lifetime of benefits.  

Directions for Use: 
Once you and your vet have determined that your dog's mouth and teeth are healthy enough to try natural options for their teeth and gums, Put a drop or two of Dog Breath on your finger and rub directly onto your dog's teeth and gums daily, up to twice a day,  With consistent use, a reduction in gingivitis and inflammation can be greatly noticed - and breath often improves.

You can also add a drop of Dog Breath to 4-Legger's Dental Powder for holistic dog dental care when brushing your dog's teeth and gums.

You can also rub Dog Breath onto a chew toy, add it to the Dental Powder, or directly apply to your dog's gums and teeth as a great way to get your dog accustomed to the habit and set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

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4-Legger complies with animalEO's no refund or return policy on the sale of all animalEO essential oil blends.


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Helichrysum (H. italicum), Myrrh (Comminphora myrrha)

Copaiba: Recognized for having anti-inflammatory properties, it is also has antibacterial and pro-healing abilities.

Peppermint: A breath deodorant that also provides analgesia and inflammatory pain relief. 

Helichrysum: A strong anti-inflammatory beneficial to nerves and helps to reduce bleeding, inflammation from infections, and speed healing. 

Myrrh: Recognized for its anti-inflammatory abilities.

Application Frequency

Apply 1-2x a day to improve your dog dental health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
refreshed clean mouth = a happy dog

I have been using dog breath for four months and happy to have it. It is the perfect mouth refresher and gum cleanser for my 6 year old dog. It lasts a long time if you dilute it with some peppermint tea in a spray bottle. ( coconut oil did not work for me and I prefer to stay away from another oil substance).
Best to try a diluted version first. After many experiments the easiest and quickest way to apply is simply spray a good amount on your finger and then lightly apply to one side of the gum line. Then re spray for the other side. For the first time my dog is not hiding from me!
Once my dogs teeth are cleaned ( which has to be done to rid the gingivitis,) I plan to use dog breath as a quick mouth cleanser/ breath freshener, and healer.
It really is worth the little effort and time, and a little goes a long way.
My dog Kira appears happier with a refreshed mouth, as can you imagine living without your mouth somewhat clean? And so many dogs get gingivitis. That would not be fun.
I wish I had started using dog breath two years ago.

Faith D.

I would love to give a review on the Dog Breath product, but I did not receive that item. I received something called Clear Sailing. It’s not worth the effort to send it back, so... I can say that I like the dental powder. I can feel it working on my boy’s teeth.

Melissa A.
Love all animaleo oils!!!!!

I am an avid user of Melissa's animaleo oils! From Open Air, Away, Yeasty Beasty, Calm a mile, Dog Breath, Boost in a bottle, Liverboost, and the Aromaboost #1-5 set. I combine the oils depending on the season with the 4 legger organic shampoo and it keeps my dogs coats clean vibrant and healthy!

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