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Do You Remember When Dogs Moved Indoors?

Do You Remember When Dogs Moved Indoors?

May 04, 2016

We need your help. We're trying to pinpoint when dogs made the transition from outdoor to indoor dog? 

Do you remember having a "family dog" that lived outdoors? They only got to came inside at night or in bad weather? Did you dog sleep in the garage or in a dog house?

Do you think this transition had a direct correlation between their health and their lifestyle? We do and we'll tell you why. 

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Dish Detergent on Dog | Organic Dog Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo

Why You Shouldn't Use Dish Detergent on Your Dog

March 04, 2016 1 Comment

We have seen this question time and time again: "Can I use dish detergent to wash my dog?"  

Many ask this question after seeing commercials where dish detergent has been used to effectively clean wildlife after oil spills.

Here is our opinion...

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