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Rock Salt and Ice Melt Dangers To Your Dog

Rock Salt and Ice Melt Dangers To Your Dog, Part 2

December 15, 2016

Learn the warning signs that your dog has consumed ice melt or rock salt so you know what to look for this winter!

We've also compiled some tips for dealing with the winter ice and keeping your dog safe from rock salt and ice melt! 

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Is Rock Salt Safe for my Dog? | Is Ice Melt Safe for My Dog?

Rock Salt and Ice Melt Dangers To Your Dog, Part 1

December 13, 2016 2 Comments

Winter is just around the corner and with winter comes snow and ice! If you've used rock salt or ice melt to keep from slipping and sliding on the ice, you should be aware of its harmful effects on your four-legged family members.

Every winter veterinarians receive an influx of calls and visits from pet parents with dogs who have been exposed to rock salt and ice melt products.

Continue reading to learn more about the hazards of rock salt and how you can help protect your dog.

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Want the Best Dog Shampoo? You Want Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

6 Reasons Why Certified Organic Dog Shampoo Is Better

November 30, 2016

Finding the best organic dog shampoo should be easy. 

Unfortunately, dog shampoo manufacturers have made it hard to find truly safe and non-toxic products. 

Learn why certified organic dog shampoo is better and safer than other grooming products on the market and how to avoid the imposters!

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Organic Dog Shampoo | Best Organic Dog Shampoo

Can You Pick the Real Organic Dog Shampoo?

November 12, 2016

As a pet parent, you are picky about what you feed your dog and the products you use on your dog.

Finding a true organic dog shampoo isn't easy. Manufacturers use the word organic to make their product look like it is better. Ingredients aren't easy to read. 

We put you to the test in this quick quiz to pick out the real organic dog shampoo. Can you do it? 

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Chemical Free Dog Shampoo | Safe Dog Shampoo | Best Dog Shampoo

Avoiding Common Toxic Chemicals in Dog Shampoo

November 08, 2016

If you're not concerned about the ingredients in your dog's shampoo, you should be!

Your dog's skin is the largest organ of their body and there are less layers of skin that protect your dog's organs (compared to you). 

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Certified Organic Dog Shampoo | Organic Dog Shampoo | Best Dog Shampoo

Is Your Organic Dog Shampoo Really Organic?

October 21, 2016

A search for "organic dog shampoo" and you'll get a list with a lot of imposters - dog shampoo that sounds all natural and organic but isn't. 

Learn the difference between a true organic dog shampoo and a greenmarketed imposter. 

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10 Ingredients You Don't Want in Your Dog's Toothpaste or Oral Care Routine

10 Ingredients You Don't Want In Your Dog's Toothpaste and Oral Care Routine

October 18, 2016 3 Comments

Brushing your dog's teeth and gums is still the gold standard for oral care. Unfortunately, the ingredients in dog toothpaste and oral care treatments may include ingredients you don't want in your dog! 

Check out our top 10 ingredients you don't want in your dog's dental care routine!

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Your Dog's Oral Health What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Your Dog's Oral Health

October 13, 2016

Think that kibble will prevent oral disease in your dog? Think again. The real cost of not taking care of your dog's teeth and gums is health complications and big bills.  Learn how we started a nightly teeth brushing routine with our 4-Leggers and how our dental powder keeps their teeth clean without any toxic ingredients!

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4-Legger Dental Powder Safe and Non-Toxic Toothpaste Alternative

Introducing 4-Legger Dental Powder - Our Safe and Non-Toxic Dog Toothpaste Alternative!

October 06, 2016

If you are looking for a safe and non-toxic alternative to traditional dog toothpaste - you found it! 

Our minimal ingredients toothpaste alternative is made with three ingredients: Sea salt, pure baking soda, and peppermint essential oil. 

Learn more! 

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Why Is Triclosan In Your Dog's Shampoo After the FDA Ruling?

Why Is Triclosan In Your Dog's Shampoo After the FDA Ruling?

September 10, 2016

Would it surprise you to learn that the ingredients banned by the FDA for use in human hand and body wash was NOT banned in pet grooming products?

Learn more about Triclosan and your dog's shampoo.

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Lower Dog Cancer Risk | Organic Dog Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo

10 Simple Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Dog's Risk of Cancer

July 11, 2016

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Organic Dog Shampoo Featured Ingredient: Lemongrass

Organic Dog Shampoo Featured Ingredient: Lemongrass

June 24, 2016

Lemongrass is a natural deodorizing agent so it can take away some of those "you rolled in what?" moments. Learn more about lemongrass in our feature on this rejuvenating ingredient! 

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