The World's First Safe & Non-Toxic Aloe Based USDA Organic Dog Shampoo

The World's First Safe & Non-Toxic Aloe Based USDA Organic Dog Shampoo

We can hardly believe it has been almost three years since we developed our first product, the Lemongrass USDA Certified Organic to Food Standards Dog Shampoo that so many of you have wholeheartedly embraced. After success with our first product, we developed our hypoallergenic dog shampoo, lavender and oatmeal dog shampoo, and our peppermint and cedar dog shampoo - all USDA Certified Organic to Food Standards. 

4-Legger's Mission is Personal

While most of our customers know why we developed 4-Legger, I want everyone to know our mission is personal.

My toy poodle Henry Clay twice survived penile cancer - thought to be the result of environmental toxins. When his cancer came back a third time as a brain stem tumor, it was during his bath that I discovered the lack of muscle definition on one side of his face. Henry was given a 1-2 month timeframe of survival.

He stayed his happy go lucky self with us for another 13 months - losing his battle on the day I was diagnosed with cancer myself.

While I was going through chemotherapy my cell counts were infection fatal (if I got an infection I likely wouldn't have survived). We were instructed to give our dogs frequent baths to keep them as germ free as possible. It wasn't long before our dogs had dry, flaky skin and we realized that the "all natural and organic" dog shampoo we had been using since Henry Clay was first diagnosed with cancer was not really organic or natural at all!

We felt like we had been duped by clever marketing. 

We thought we had purchased a truly safe and non-toxic all natural organic shampoo with no synthetic ingredients. We wanted it to be cruelty free and responsibly sourced - from the bottles and caps to the essential oils. Truly natural - good for both our planet and our pets!

We quickly discovered the certified organic market was less than 1% of the multi-billion dollar pet grooming industry and there was little to no marketing or education from the organic companies. Upon further discovering there is no regulation of the dog grooming industry, we knew we had to be the voice to change the pet grooming industry. 

Over the past three years, with your help we have changed the pet grooming industry. Every time you've searched for "certified organic dog shampoo" or "organic dog shampoo" and purchased 4-Legger, you have also helped to change the industry.

When we first developed our organic dog shampoo products, the phrase "certified organic dog shampoo" didn't rank on Google or Amazon. It does now!

Unfortunately, we realized with our UDSA organic to food standards dog shampoo there was still a big problem for the consumer.

How can pet parents tell, from looking at the bottle, that our product really is organic when the USDA doesn't allow manufacturers to put the USDA seal or the word "organic to food standards" on the front of the bottle for a food grade organic product? 

Problem Solved! 

We are elated to introduce you to our new product line - the world's first and only safe and non-toxic aloe based USDA organic dog shampoo that meets the high standards of the USDA to display both the words "certified organic" and the seal on the front of the bottle.

the world's first aloe based USDA Certified Organic Dog ShampooWe have a full lineup of our new USDA organic dog shampoo:
  • Lemongrass with hemp - hypoallergenic and formulated to moisturize and provide soothing relief for dry and itchy skin, irritated skin, dandruff, rashes, and dermatitis.
  • Peppermint with tea tree - an excellent alternative to medicated dog shampoo to support dog's with yeasty skin, bacterial infections, and fleas.
  • Sweet orange with neem - this refreshing blend for dog's that need to maintain healthy skin as well as those with fleas, red itchy skin, or dermatitis (skin inflammation) caused by allergies, flea bites, or environmental conditions.
  • Lavender with Calendula and St. John's Wort - a gentle hypoallergenic formulation beneficial for all skin types excels at soothing sensitive skin, dry and itchy skin, and providing relief for hot spots while reducing skin inflammation.
  • Aloe is our ultra gentle sensitive skin formulation - hypoallergenic and soothing - it is also great for adding your own essential oils.

Like our previous formulations, they do not contain artificial thickeners. You will need to mix it well and can expect a fast pour out of the bottle.

Use a small amount of shampoo and lots of water for excellent lather and a quick, easy rinse! 

The new formulation uses safe and non-toxic aloe juice instead of water when saponifying the oils - to make a silky smooth shampoo! Watch out dogs - you might get more baths!  

We Listened To You! 

Many of you asked us to develop a touch up spray for in-between baths. We have 5 complementary new USDA organic dog touch up sprays - lemongrass, sweet orange, peppermint, lavender, and rose geranium!

And - if you missed it in our last newsletter - our new USDA Certified Organic apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse for dogs with lemongrass essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, shea butter, ylang ylang essential oil, thyme essential oil, rosehip seed oil and herbs is our answer for dog's who need a little extra conditioning - especially when transitioning to a truly organic dog shampoo! 

Clean Ingredients. Clean Dogs

We truly believe our new product line pushes the dog grooming industry to develop safer products.

We are proud to be the first organic, aloe-based USDA organic dog shampoo on the market and expect the market to follow us as we continue to lead the way! 

Your dog's skin is their biggest organ. When you give them a bath, you open the pores of their skin and allow the ingredients to enter their bodies. Putting a completely safe and non-toxic shampoo is an easy way to reduce your dog's exposure to environmental toxins! 

We are truly on a mission to change the dog grooming industry!  As pet parents, we wholeheartedly believe clean ingredients make the cleanest dogs. 

Please join us as we revolutionize the pet grooming industry to make it safer, more transparent, and truly synthetic free - safer for you, your dog, and our planet!