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Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

October 06, 2015

Natural Vitamin EVitamin E is important to your dog's body to help protect the skin and other cells from free radicals and fight off infection. Vitamin E has also been shown to boost cell growth.
The antioxidant properties of a component within vitamin E make it very valuable in natural products. 

A component of Vitamin E, called Tocopherol, is one of the few ingredients that can be used in certified organic formulations to serve as a preservative - antioxidant.

Antioxidants reduce the rate of oxidation in natural products - meaning it reduces the chances of your product going bad (rancid). 

Tocopherol is used as an antioxidant in creams, lotions, baby products, cosmetics and more. It is obtained by vacuum distillation of vegetable fats derived from non-GMO soybean sources. 

It is of vital importance that a high grade extraction and cleaning of the final solution be done as inferior ingredients can be contaminated with hydroquinone - and can pose health concerns.  

No worries - we use a very high grade Tocopherol that is safe and non-toxic and we only use Tocopherol in formulations where an additional preservative is absolutely necessary.  

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